Good morning lovely people and welcome to the latest edition of the Yakezie Carnival. As your host, I’ve chosen this week’s theme to be “Just Do It”. Yup, just like Nike. In Yakezie, we live by the motto of selflessly promoting others. We live in a world where it’s every man for himself and people aren’t as compassionate as they used to be. So why should you look out for your friend or your neighbor or someone you don’t even know? Simple: just do it. What harm is it doing to you? Helping someone else brings the best kind of karma, and the best kind of feeling. That’s why I love helping my fellow Yakezians out.

A way I’m helping is by hosting this week’s carnival. I apologize for the delay; I was switching my host over this weekend and it took some time getting everything together. Here we go!

The College Investor: Weird Stock Market Indicators – Funny ways to predict the stock market.

Investorz Blog: How to Survive and Invest Profitably in a Stock Market Crash – Investing in bull markets doesn’t take a lot of skill. But inevitably, the market crash will come. How do you avoid getting killed by the crash and actually profit from the bloodbath? Find out!

Money Q & A: Five Things to Do with a Raise – Believe it or not, people in America are still getting pay raises and earning promotions. So, the real question becomes, what should you do with your pay raise?

20’s Finances: How to Land That Job? – Find out if the advice of ‘playing hard to get’ can apply not just to dating but also help you land that job.

Personal Finance Whiz: When Should I Refinance My Mortgage? When Does It Make Sense to Refinance? – Last year I refinanced my house. Rates have come down even more since then. If you haven’t refinanced, now is the time to do it. This post shares exactly what I looked at when I made the decision to refinance.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…: Are Personal Checks Obsolete? Why the Future of Payments is Paperless – It’s a guest post, but an interesting look at the decline of the paper check to newer forms of payment like PayPal and ACH. Welcome to the brave new world of money transfers!

Sustainable Life Blog: Changes and Opportunities – Are you waiting for a big change in your life to accomplish goals you’ve been putting off? what sort of advantage does that provide?

krantcents: Are You Obsessed with Goals? – Are you obsessed with goals? You must be focused, have a plan, and a compelling reason to reach your goals.

My Journey to Millions: Am I a Complete Hypocrite? Or an Opportunist? – When I was complaining to a buddy the other day about how ridiculous the Occupy Wall Street people are…he responded that I was a Hypocrite. My response is that I am an opportunist looking out for myself.

Invest It Wisely: In Defense of Food – A Book Review and Giveaway – I recently had the pleasure to read “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto“, by Michael Pollan, which teaches us that in spite of the growing commercialization and industrialization of the food industry, it is still possible to enjoy food and to do so in a healthy and sustainable way.

FamilyMoneyValues: What Will Happen to Your Business – Do you have a succession plan for your business? If your family’s business is a public company, in which the family is a majority shareholder – you probably do have formal succession plans. But what if your business is a sole proprietorship and depends on your unique talents? What are the things you need to think through to build one?

Living in Financial Excellence: Top 5 Signs You Are Addicted to Shopping – 5: Your night out with the guys starts AND ENDS at Bass Pro Shop 4: The “Home” setting on your GPS is “The Mall Of America”

Live Real, Now: Make Extra Money Part 6.5: Why I Do It the Way I Do It – This is a follow-up to part 6 of the niche site walkthrough, Setting Up a Niche Site. Several people have asked me to explain why I use the plugins and settings I use. In this installment of the Make Extra Money series, I’m going to explain every choice I recommended last time.

Money Beagle: Being Mean Is OK, I Guess, According To AT&T – Sometimes commercials backfire and cost a company business. Here’s one that has definitely turned me away.

Novel Investor: Home Business Deduction Tax Tips – The IRS draws a fine line between personal and business expenses when it comes to a home business. A portion of those personal expenses still qualify as home business deductions.

Money Reasons: Chase Freedom Credit Card Review – This is my personal take on the Chase Freedom credit card. After receiving this card earlier this year, I’ve come to like it for the great reward benefits! Check out my review of the pros on why you should consider this rewards credit card.

Beating Broke: Are Banks Getting a Bad Rap? – All told, there’s a lot of anger aimed at the banks right now for increasing fees. But, is it all their fault? Or, are they getting a bad rap?

Smart Family Finance: Buy This, Not That at the Grocery Store – Sometimes saving money on your food budget means rethinking some of the grocery purchases you’ve made for years.

Personal Finance Whiz: Why The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Fuming – The Occupy Wall Street protests are growing. But what in the world is this movement about? In this post I break down the numbers of America’s economic tailspin.

Financial Success for Young Adults: How to Retire with Tax Free Money – There’s a legal way to keep all of your money from going to Uncle Sam. Retire richer with this information!

Beating Broke: Are Banks Getting a Bad Rap? – All told, there’s a lot of anger aimed at the banks right now for increasing fees. But, is it all their fault? Or, are they getting a bad rap?

The Happy Homeowner: Do You Have Any Money Rules? – While there are many different ways to budget, to make/set/reach goals, and to manage your finances, I’ve found there to be a general set of principles that guide financial decision-making. This post features a list of my top 5 Money Rules and gives insight regarding how you can adopt them for your own situation.

Investor Junkie: Lending Club (October 2011 Update) – Another three months, and another Lending Club update. Current NAR is 11.31% or 0.01% lower than the last reported summary.

Bucksome Boomer: Hunger in the Land of Plenty – Four ways you can help fight hunger in your community or the world.

Prairie Eco Thrifter: I Took a Week Off from Weight Loss – Overall though, I think taking a week off once in a while may end up being a good thing since I did allow myself to have a great time with no guilt. That makes my weight loss journey way more obtainable than saying that I’ll never allow myself to splurge ever again. 5 Reasons You Should Use a Mortgage Broker – Did you know that getting a mortgage broker can literally save you thousands of dollars? So – why is it when it comes to making the biggest money decision in your life, that it will actually save you money to add a middle man?

Smart on Money: 2012 401k Contribution Limits and Rules – This week the IRS came out with the adjusted pension plan limitations for 2012, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the changes in the 401k rules, regulations and contribution limits.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Tipping after a Bad Experience – What is the proper way to handle tipping when service sucked but they tried to correct it?

Free Money Wisdom: Betterment Interview with CEO Jon Stein – Betterment is one of the few companies that I support and recommend all my readers to utilize in their total financial portfolio.
I was approached a while back to interview Jon Stein and took the opportunity to do just that!

My University Money: Finding a Job After School In a Terrible Market – You often hear the saying “wait until you see the real world, its a lot harder then.” What do you expect in life after school?

Sustainable Personal Finance: – Those who live in Canada are well aware we pay 20%-30% more than our American friends for identical consumer goods – even when the two dollars are at parity. Silly? yes. Justified? no. When it comes to large purchases we won’t support our local economy – it simply isn’t sustainable for our personal finances.

TotallyMoney: Do you regret buying your house? – Research suggests that a quarter of people regret buying their own house. This article looks at ways you can avoid regretting your purchase

Squirrelers: 401(k) Inheritance Rules: You Might be Surprised – When it comes to inhertances and 401(k) accounts, things aren’t as straitforward as one might think. This post brings to light things people should be aware of in terms of retirement accounts, beneficiaries, and the rules.

Money Is The Root: Tipping Etiquette – Some suggestions on when and when not to tip

PT Money Personal Finance: 15 Cheap and Creative Halloween Costumes for 2011 – As with most things in life a little planning ahead of time can lead to some pretty incredible costume results — and at a cheap price, too.

The Frugal Toad: How to Cut Your Grocery Bill with an herb Garden – Want to have fresh herbs and save money on your monthly grocery bill? An herb container garden is a great way to have your favorite fresh herbs just outside you doorstep.

Control Your Cash: The Only Credit Card You’ll Ever Need – The problem in having specific rewards instead of cash back on credit card purchases is the incentive it gives you to change your buying behavior.

Free From Broke : Bad Credit? Rebuild it With These Secured Credit Card Offers – Using one of the best secured credit card offers can help you build, or re-build, and improve your credit an get you on your way to getting an unsecured card.

Mom’s Plans: I Finally Discovered My Spouse’s Weakness (and Why You Should Discover Your Partner’s) – When I travelled with my husband to attend his conference last weekend, I had a major epiphany: my husband has personal finance flaws.

Wealth Informatics: Illusion of saving money – Frugality doesn’t always save money and not all frugal tips are applicable to everyone. Do the math and do what works for you.

Watson Inc: Did Americans Get Poorer or is USA Today Wrong? – A recent USA Today article suggests that the typical American family got poorer in the last 10 years. My initial impression from reading this article was “Yuck!” However, upon further review, I realized there were some important confounders to the data presented and underlying assumptions being made that I don’t necessarily agree with.

DollarVersity: Is a Resurgence In Cash Usage Upon Us? – Gas prices and credit card reform have had a major impact on the way we do business. Is this the beginning of a return to paper-dominated payment practices? HOW TO SHOP FOR THE HOLIDAYS LIKE A BOSS – YFS shows you how to shop for the upcoming holidays like a boss! Holiday debt is for suckers!