In case you missed it on the news, Pastor Mike Scruggs of Light of Word Ministries in White Oak, Ohio brought some pretty unconventional props into a church workshop called “Battle of the Sexes”. The pastor is determined to save marriages, and is pushing the envelope by being, well, real. I’d be the first to admit that churches shy away from talking about some of the realities in life. Most churches don’t discuss the evils, they just condemn them. We all know that sex is a tool for procreation, but it’s also a beautiful experience shared between a husband and wife. So why not discuss it with the congregation?

Spicing up your marriage is very important. Intimacy is a huge portion of your love, and it’s sad that popular culture has made it so taboo. I don’t think people realize that they try to discourage sex so much that sometimes when you finally get married, it almost has a negative connotation in your mind. Although sex surrounds us on a daily basis, especially in the media, there’s not enough education on how it can truly be a tool when it comes to strengthening your marriage.

Was the stripper pole extreme? Maybe for some people. But I would have loved to be at those sermons. Remember when I threatened hubby with No Weight Loss, No Sex? Well I quickly learned that it should not be used as a weapon or bargaining tool. So we did it. And I realized how important it was for us. So I applaud this pastor’s method.

What do you think? Will a stripper pole save your marriage? Is it a little too extreme of a topic to be touched by a church? How do you spice up your love life?