There was a point where everyone who was anyone was talking about and joining Mint. It was sleek, it was clean, it was fascinating. It was the portal of all your financial information. This opened it up for skepticism as well as some criticism. Still, I believed the hyped and joined myself.

My first thoughts were:

  • This is cool!
  • I never have to log on to online banking again!
  • I can calculate my net worth!

I was getting e-mail alerts when balances were low or fees were charged. I got a weekly financial report. Life was minty! Then things changed.

I noticed that there were some flaws with Mint’s system. Although my accounts said “updated seconds ago”, the account balances were almost never accurate. This was true for not only my checking and savings accounts, but also my credit cards. Organizing my budget was a nightmare! I know that my name is Ford, but every time I transferred money from one account to the other, they thought I was making an automotive transfer. There was no way to fix this.

The goals section, although it was a good idea, never really kept me motivated. Some of my accounts had problems syncing or even joining the Mint interface. I hated getting an extra e-mail about my financial status knowing the information would be inaccurate and out of date. I would delete it without even reading it. Mint had become more of a hassle than assistance.

So I made the step. I went ahead and deleted my Mint account. It was bittersweet, as I remember once being excited about the platform and their many security features. Sure, my information was what I called safe, but it was also never up to date or “real time”.

Do you or have you used Mint? What’s your opinion of it?

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