Last night, the mister and I had a conversation that should’ve been had weeks, if not months ago. I brought up things that I was unhappy about, and also pushed for pre-marital counseling. I knew he was against it and I didn’t know why. He told me he didn’t believe in it.

I refused to back down about it. I believe it could really help us in the long run. Our peers are not thinking about marriage at our age. We’re not letting other people influence us negatively, but what about positively?

The point is although it was a conflicting conversation, it needed to be had. No relationship is perfect. There’s an 80/20 rule: you’re only going to get at most 80% of what you want in your significant other. Arguments are necessary in a relationship. You can’t, and won’t, agree on everything. A discussion and occasional disagreement are needed.

How often do you and your spouse disagree? Is it usually smaller things or bigger issues?