Getting Manly

Just what would the ultimate in “man food” be?

The whole idea behind this thought was inspired by a work colleague a few years ago, who commended me on my “man lunch” which consisted of a can of Coca-Cola, a Mars bar, and a packet of Roast Beef flavored crisps. Truth is, I was in a hurry and only had a little change in my pocket, so my options were somewhat limited.

Still, it got me thinking, what would the ultimate “man menu” look like?

The criteria to make the list wasn’t anything special, just foods that either men love to eat, or find it easy to make when they need to rustle something up quickly.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The first entry comes straight out of the “what are men able to cook when they first leave home?” files. Whether it is using spaghetti or another type of pasta, this often becomes the biggest staple of men when they first learn to stand on their own two feet and believe that overdosing on carbohydrates is the best way to give themselves an energy boost.

Sirloin Steak

Do men really prefer their steak rare, or is it just a case that they are so impatient that they want to get it out from under the grill or out of the frying pan as quickly as possible? This is especially true when they have messed up cooking the jacket potato, chips, or tin of baked beans that they have cooked to eat alongside it.

Either way, a man restaurant wouldn’t be worthy of the name if the menu didn’t include steak of some description.

Customized Soup

Hands up all the men who at some point have considered themselves culinary geniuses because they have cooked a tin of soup, then done something that they deem to be out of this world original, such as add chopped ham, leftover roast chicken, or mixed it up with pasta.

Most of us have done it at some stage, although we’re not entirely sure how it would work in a restaurant format. Perhaps we could just sell the soup and allow people to bring along their own ham, pasta, or frozen vegetables to mix up with it.

A Pot Noodle

Finally, it would be wrong of us not to mention what is often man’s best friend when they first leave home. Despite it being reasonably well-known that a Pot Noodle is so lacking in nutrients that eating them could actually lead to you starving to death, their cheap and cheerful nature make them a must for any “man menu.”

Just choose your flavor and stick the kettle on. Brilliant.

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