As February has come to a close, a lot of folks might be considering the idea of getting married after their Valentine getaways and whatnots. Naturally, the first thing these soon-to-be ex-bachelors have to do is make sure they have saved enough money to propose, and later, get tied up in a knot. With today’s economic instability, chances are you consider getting married as the bottom entry in your priority list. You got to wonder who the heck would spend so much on their wedding during a time like this. Look no further than your popular Hollywood personalities.

We all know that Hollywood weddings are often extravagant and over-the-top. We also know that it’s a Hollywood “standard” for couples not to last longer than an Ordinary American’s average wedding ties.  With that being said, there was one wedding from last year that took your typical Celebrity wedding to the next wedding – Yes, I am talking about the Kardashian-Humphries wedding. The amount of money they’ve spent (and earned, mind you) for the wedding, alone, is jaw-dropping to say the least. has compiled a couple of items that are always present in your typical wedding day. The Infographic compiled the average price for each item, as well as comparing to how much Kim and Kris had spent for it. Read on!

Kardashian Wedding

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