When I first got engaged, the first thing I wanted to do (you know, after I told my family, friends, random Facebook friends and even more random Twitter followers) was set up a wedding website. I bought a domain and started looking at other examples of wedding websites. I saw a few really cute examples of people who are now happily married and romantically in love. Everyone’s is different, but there are a few things every couple should have on their wedding website:

  • About Us: Seems silly doesn’t it? You typically would only invite people that the both of you know, or people that at least knew you (since you were this big!), but the about us page is a nice thing to have. You get to brag about each other, how handsome he is, how gorgeous she is. Put fun facts like who’s the best cook, who’s says the nicest things, and who forgets to take the trash out.
  • The Proposal: The story that everyone wants to hear, or maybe just the girls: how did he propose? Or did she¬†propose? We want the details. Talk about how you felt that day down to how you felt that night. Did she suspect anything? Who helped you? Did everything go as planned? For those who don’t know our story, hubby proposed in church right after the service ended. I didn’t really have a clue. I almost didn’t go to church that day, and I was wondering why he was holding us up from dismissing. I’m glad I found out why.
  • Ceremony Information: Your wedding website is to let your guests know information about your wedding. Where will your ceremony take place? Give people the address, maybe some photographs, parking information, and of course the time and date. For those who aren’t Mapquest or Google Maps savvy, don’t forget directions!
  • Reception Information: Where is your reception going to be? For some people, it’s the same place at your ceremony, and for others it’s a hop, skip and jump away. If needed, give the address and photos for that location too. Mention food options too, so people can get their bellies ready.
  • Wedding Party: Contrary to the average Bridezilla’s belief, the day is not all about you. Shine some of that light on the wedding party, who agreed to support you on your special day. Share photos and a little biography on your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring barrers, and flower girls. It’s the least you can do (but don’t forget their thank you gift).
  • Registry: Here’s the fun part: the gifts! Let your guests know where you’re registered and under what name. Now don’t get all crazy in this area. I know the scanner is fun and the more places you’re registered, the more things you might get. But people can get the wrong idea. I say don’t go over 5 places, and even that’s¬†pushing it. 3 is the magic number. Not sure where to register? You can’t go wrong with Amazon, Target, and WalMart. You can get everything you need from those 3 places.
  • Guest Information: Depending on how your wedding is structured, you may need to give your guests a bit more information, like hotel accommodations for out of town guests, and things to do in the area. One question that is always asked for a wedding is “what is the attire?” So include that info here too.
  • Photo Album: Give the people what they want: the two of you! Showcase your love in a photo album. Get all those lovey dovey shots and the candid pics too. We want to say “aww” and laugh. Show people how much you love each other. A picture is worth a thousand words. Give us 20 times that.
  • Guest Book: People may have something to say like “congratulations” perhaps. Instead of having it flood your Facebook status and everyone who commented gets the notification, allow them to give their blessings here.
  • Honeymoon: So where are you two headed? Hawaii? The Bahamas? Vegas? A cruise? We want the juicy details about where you’re going and how long you’re staying, because honestly, we’d all love to go on a vacation with the one we love.
  • RSVP: The nicest part about having a wedding website is the option to allow your guests to RSVP. It saves on postage and it makes your life a lot easier as far as organizing and knowing who’s coming and who’s not. If you’re really savvy, you can include options of what your guests would like to eat.
If you want to create a free wedding website, visit The Knot, where they’ll have different templates and examples to choose from. I set up an example site for you to check out. Did you have a wedding website? If not, do you wish you did?