Wedding favors can be a source of stress for some brides, but they don’t have to be such a big deal. It’s a great way to thank your guests for coming, can add to your decor for your reception, and give your guests a keepsake to remember your wedding. You could easily buy a bunch of novelty gifts and give them to your guest, or you can add some flair and make your favors custom. Here are some great custom wedding favor ideas.

Custom Jones Soda Label

Who doesn’t like an old fashion soda? Who wouldn’t want their very own? If you took engagement photos, this would be a perfect place to show your love. Jones Soda allows you to create custom labels for their sodas for your special day. You upload a photo, insert your text, and choose your flavors. You can either decide on your favorite flavor or a color that matches your decor. A 12 pack is $29.99 and a 6 pack is $16.99. In the photo above, the couple also used the Jones soda for table assignments.

Wine Favors

Wine makes so many things divine, including your wedding. Thank all of the of-aged adults with bottles of your favorite wine, also with custom labels. You could even include openers, stoppers, and engraved glasses. The stoppers and openers can have your specialized monogram, as can your engraved glasses. You can find the accessories for a lot cheaper than the cases of wine, but if you buy by the cases, you’d be surprised by the price.

Candy Bar Wedding Favors

Do you get the pattern? We’re going with things that people love and that people enjoy. No matter how old you are, everyone loves candy! Having a candy bar will surely be a hit at your reception. Many people have candy in the colors of their theme, which is a wonderful touch (especially if your color is red, I love cherry candies). A custom flare would include your candy bags or boxes. Including your name and date. This is a great budget favor idea. Don’t forget actual candy bars, where you can include a custom label.

My point is, you can put labels on just about any type of favor, and people love the edible variety. Pastries, beverages, snacks (I worked one wedding where seating arrangements were put in pears. Perfect Pear, get it? Ha!) Have any other customized suggestions?