Wedding insurance should cover most of the suppliers you book for your wedding, including makeup artists. Many brides rely on a professional to help them achieve their ideal look on their wedding day. However if your makeup artist lets you down at the last minute, the cost of finding a replacement could be covered by your wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance policies often refer to a supplier’s ‘contract’ so if you employ a makeup artist for your wedding make sure that you have the appointment confirmed on paper. Then if your makeup artist fails to turn up, your booking can be verified by your wedding insurance. This formality is essential as your wedding insurance provider can only offer financial compensation if your makeup artist fails to meet the terms of their contract.

Reputable wedding insurance firms usually pay up to the amount specified in your schedule of cover for the costs associated with this kind of contractual failing. In fact your wedding insurance could cover everything from lost deposits to the extra cost of arranging an alternative makeup artist at the last minute, or even paying costs if the wedding is cancelled.

However, if there are costs you would have incurred regardless of whether your makeup artist had stopped trading, then you won’t be able to claim for those on your wedding insurance.

There are a multitude of reasons for choosing to employ a professional makeup artist for your wedding. Makeup is big business; in fact, according to recent research, the average woman’s makeup bag is worth a staggering £256.1 With prices like these, hiring a makeup artist can actually be quite cost effective, especially if the alternative would be to buy lots of new, expensive products.

Makeup artists also know a wealth of tricks to keep your makeup looking fresh. Foundation and eye shadow primers, as well as fixing sprays can ensure you look radiant from the moment you walk down the aisle to your final boogie at the reception.

Some makeup artists also use contouring, the art of applying a slightly darker skin shade over your foundation to alter the shape of your face. This can emphasise your cheekbones, elongate and define your nose and make your face seem thinner. However be aware that inexpert execution of this technique can lead to a face that looks stripy or bruised!

A makeup artist could help you to look your best on your wedding day. However, if anything prevents your makeup artist from attending, you should receive financial assistance from your wedding insurance.

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