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What’s the number one rule when attending the wedding? Don’t outshine the bride. It’s her day, and she should be the most beautiful person out there. She deserves that. But who’s to say you can’t be #2 in the room? You don’t have to go all out like she did, purchasing a $5,000 dress, $300 shoes, and hair and make-up that could’ve bought you a new MacBook Air. You don’t have to take out a small personal loan or even dedicate one of your paychecks to be the next person people do a double take on in the room. You can find many helpful things for your special event arsenal at your local Walgreens.

Change Your Eye Color for the Night

Do you have average brown eyes or tired of your boring blues? Change your eye color for the night using colored contacts. While some may say that colored contacts aren’t in, that’s only if it obviously looks like those aren’t your natural colored eyes. So obviously don’t go for purple, and stray away from gray. If you normally wear glasses, you don’t even have to change the color. Your face will instantly change if you leave your lenses at home and wear Acuvue for the evening. Who knows, you may ditch your focals and go for disposable contact lenses on a regular basis.

Treat Your Skin to Some Exfoliation

When’s the last time you had a good scrub? If you’re hesitating to answer, it’s probably been too long. Your face and your body can benefit from scrubbing some dead skin cells away, and you’ll be renewed with a more polished look. Grab an Aveeno daily scrub and get that dirt and dead skin away. Don’t forget to properly moisturize! Doing this regularly up until the big day will certainly make a difference in your skin.

Hair and Make Up For You

You don’t need a personal team to make you look fabulous. Treat yourself to a few items to turn you into the diva you have been hiding within:

  • Dandruff shampoo to keep the flakes away
  • Moisturizing conditioner for full body
  • Color for highlights or a completely new look
  • Holding spray to keep your hair in check
  • Vibrant eye shadows, waterproof eyeliner and mascara for the tear jerking moments, lip gloss, a little brush, and a bright color for your nails
  • Perfume to keep the groomsmen wanting more

Emphasize Your Assets

You could have the cutest dress and still be overlooked. Become the brick house you know you are. Don’t forget to buy that push-up bra, a sexy thong for no panty lines, a body shaper to keep the Coke bottle frame, and maybe grab some tights in case your friend decided to have a wedding in the dead of winter.

When you think of style, you usually don’t think of anything besides clothes, and you may not think of Walgreens, but you should. It has the things you need to make you look good on the outfit, not the other way around. So be another person, if only for a night. New hair, new skin, new eyes, and a new body. Who knows, you could be the one walking down the aisle next.