Baby fever, something many newlyweds go through, but mostly the women. I’ve had baby fever forever, and just about every other week, I half way jokingly tell Tej “let’s have a baby!” Obviously, now is not the time, but from what I’ve learned from many other couples, there is no “perfect time” to have a baby. At the same time, it would be pretty irresponsible to have a child in the circumstances we’re in right now. We use birth control, and it’s enough dealing with Frankie most days. But when I see those beautiful little people and watch those TV shows where people are delivering, and being surrounded by peers who are becoming new parents gets me excited!

So we’ve talked about it and decided (well, hubby decided and I agreed) that we shall welcome a bundle in this world in 2 years. First I said 2015, which is really 3 years from now, but then we said we’d like to have a baby in an even number year. We were both born in 1990. My parents were born in 1966. My grandparents were born in 1940 and 1944. His parents were born in even number years. Even numbers mean balance, at least to me. So 2015 was out of the question. We’ll be 23 or 24, depending on the birth date. We don’t want a Gemini baby LOL no offense to the Geminis out there. So we’re planning.

Tej thinks we’re going to have all girls, and doesn’t want that. I want at least 1 of each, but just like most parents say “as long as the baby is healthy”. We have a few names we throw out to each other, and my mom regularly comes up with names too. It’s nice to plan and dream and hope. Who’s the baby going to look like? When will he or she walk and talk? Where will we live? Where will they go to school? Who will be their first friends? It makes me giddy and excited. I love babies! I love toddlers! I love kids! I can love my own tweens and teens. But in the mean time, I love Frankie and my little cousin who are substitute kids for now.

So I’ve got 2 years to accomplish the things on my baby bucket list. I have 2 years to enjoy pre-baby life, because after that, there will be many sleepless nights.

How long did you wait to have babies? Was your pregnancy planned or not planned? Did you have crazy stipulations like we do with the even number birth year?