Valentine’s Day is days away. Women have high expectations and men have short term memory loss. So what do you give the woman who has everything and wants more when you only have so much to give? Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget:

  1. Chick Flick night: Rev up your Netflix streaming device and allow her unlimited chick flick movies. Allow her to say all the lines and be by her side with a box of Kleenex for those tear jerking moments. #1 pick: The Notebook. Gets her every time. Estimated expense: $7.99.
  2. Relive your first date: Remember your first date? Well if you do, reenact it! Go to the same place you went when you first started dating. She’ll love that. Chances are it’s not going to be much out of pocket for you. Estimated expense: varies.
  3. Dinner to go: Obviously she doesn’t want to cook and you don’t want to burn the house down. But every place you want to make reservations is booked solid and she doesn’t know it yet. Curbside your meal! Order your meals and bring them back to your place, nicely decorated for the ambiance. Estimated expense: varies.
  4. Buy jewelry: You’ve been seeing those commercials during SportsCenter for a reason. Take notes. There’s some great jewelry deals going on right now. Check out Kohls, JC Penney, and Macy’s during their one day sale to capitalize on great jewelry for under $100.
  5. From the heart: We still love the little things like hand made cards, balloons, love coupons, etc. Profess your love on paper or even online! Update your Facebook status to “I love my wife!” Tweet her, do a YouTube video. Those things are absolutely priceless and will be remembered forever.

What do you plan on doing for Valentine’s Day?

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