Your honeymoon is supposed to be a memory that you cherish for many, many years. It’s a memory that you’ll want to share with your children and their children. Your honeymoon should be just as romantic as the story you tell of how the two of you first met and fell and love, and how the proposal took place. But sometimes money can get in the way of things, slowly stripping away your ideals of what you wanted you honeymoon to be like initially. To help you save money for a memorable honeymoon, follow these tips.

Look for Last-Minute Deals

If you’re not aware of the last-minute deals that are offered for cruises, then you are definitely missing out. Those who would like to spend their honeymoon on a gorgeous cruise line can afford to do so if they don’t mind waiting until the last minute (which is typically weeks away from departure date) to book their tickets. Also, the room you get won’t likely have a view, but at least you get to enjoy all of the same things that everyone else does!

Book Your Travel through a Deal Site

You can find deals on hotels, rental cars and even airline tickets by using travel sites like By booking everything in one place, you save the headache of keeping track of everything. This type of site also allows you to shop for the best rates, so that you can go as cheap as you want, without sacrificing quality.

Take a Road Trip

If you don’t mind hitting the road with your new spouse, you can plan for a road trip getaway, rather than flying across the nation or world. Depending on where you live, the two of you can head to the mid-west or to the coast to enjoy beautiful beaches.


Your honeymoon is what you make of it. So keep in mind that it’s not about where you go, but who you’re going with — and that’s the love of your life. Enjoy your trip and nothing else will matter. To find further discounts for and other travel businesses, visit Groupon Coupons to browse through over 50,000 coupons.