We are in the final week of the year, and it’s certainly a time of reflection. 2011 has been a year full of bumpy rides, including moving into to the townhouse. We left our first apartment the last few days in February and moved into a townhouse a couple miles away. It took me months to get used to this place. It was double the size of our apartment. We had new neighbors, we had 2 more rooms, 2 more bathrooms, a garage, our own place to do laundry! We had things to unpack, places to fill up, and not to mention there was an incident that involved a lizard in the house. I was freaked out.

However, our lease is now coming to an end, and the landlords want to sell. Obviously, we’re not in any position to buy at the moment, and honestly we don’t have the means to find a new place to rent. We’re getting a great deal where we are: a 1,400 square feet townhouse with a 2 car garage, a nice sized patio, laundry area, and paid utilities for $1,000 in Orange County. You’re not going to find that, period. So we’ll more than likely be moving back home. This will be so weird, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. So we have to start packing.

First, we have to figure out what we want to keep and what we’re going to sell or donate. We went from 700 square feet to 1,400 square feet. Now we’re moving into a room (or two, if we decide to move back into our parents’ houses respectively), which is going to be a lot less than both. We’ve collected quite a bit of…stuff haha. So we’re going to have to declutter. One of the biggest things we have to sort through is documents. We have to go through the multiple piles of paper, and trash the things we don’t need, and file the things we do need. I’d prefer an e-filing system, where our most important documents are scanned, saved on the cloud, and the originals are kept in a safe place. Since I’m the organizer in our relationship, I’ll be spearheading this.

Next, we have to start boxing up our things. Admittedly, it took us forever to move from our apartment to our townhouse. We moved things for maybe a couple of weeks, since our apartment’s lease wasn’t up until a month after we moved. I want to have everything boxed and put away early so we can just do one swift move. Since hubby no longer works at a cardboard factory, we’ll probably resort to several containers and buckets. We have a few from our move, and some of our things are still in there. No more organized chaos, just organized boxes.

Then, we have to do some vigorous cleaning. My mom has always told me to leave things better than you found them. We’re going to deep shampoo the carpets, clean the bathrooms and kitchen, clear out the patio and anything else we can think of. With my mom’s help, we’ll leave the place looking spotless. Seriously, you may see things shine.

2012 is definitely about new beginnings, and I’m sad we only got to stay here for a year. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and this just isn’t the place for us long term. I want a house that doesn’t share common walls with a neighbor (especially one who plays the guitar). I want a house with a backyard so we can get more dogs and so Frankie can run around as much as his heart desires. Eventually we’ll need more rooms for kids. In due time.

I hate moving! What tips do you have to make a move easier?