Many homeowners remember that replacing windows is an important part of maintenance and upkeep on a house. However, few consider contacting an exterior contractor for ideas or even making simple changes like replacing their doors. There are countless reasons why replacing the doors in your home is a smart decision. This guide will provide and explain some of the many reasons, including reduced energy consumption, curb appeal and home value, maintenance and performance.

Reduced Energy Consumption: To test your doors and see if there is a noticeable draft, light a tapered candle and hold it an inch or two away from the door, being careful not to let the flame touch the wood. Move the flame along the edges of the door slowly, and wait to see if the flame flickers at all. If the candle’s flame flickers, that means there is a draft coming in through the door. In order to cut down on energy consumption and heating or cooling your home, you want to have as little draft as possible. Choosing a new door with insulated glass or weather stripping can result in less energy being used, and translates to lower electricity bills each month as well.

Curb Appeal and Home Value: It seems obvious that if you have an older, outdated door, then the home will look outdated and old from the street. The first thing that home appraisers and potential buyers see is the front door, or front of your home. By allowing them to see something out of style or worn down, it can reflect poorly on the entire property as a whole. To boost curb appeal and ultimately the value of your home, consider replacing your doors with modern and attractive ones. The minor cost of the replacement will be worth it after considering the raise in your home’s value.

Reduced Maintenance: Homeowners with old doors already know all about the maintenance required to keep those doors working properly and looking nice. Doors manufactured over 10 years ago lack many modern features which eliminate the need for yearly maintenance like painting, scraping or caulking the materials. A new door can mean no more maintenance, and are still guaranteed to last for a decade or longer.

Increased Performance: A door that sticks every time you open it, or slams shut, can be incredibly frustrating. They can also be a liability, in the case of doors, which don’t shut properly and can even encourage robberies and break-ins. By opting for a door that is new, works efficiently and has few problems, you can expect better performance.