Not everyone who wants to get hitched has all the resources for an all out wedding ceremony and party, but this shouldn’t hinder one’s plans to tie the knot, right?

Ready to get hitched but not entirely prepared to irreparably ruin your bank account? Well fret no more for there are ways to cut down the cost of your “I do” while still saving a necessary level of class and subtlety.

Here are some options for you to stage a shoestring wedding day that nonetheless stays fun and memorable.

Ice Cream Bar in Lieu of a Wedding Cake

There’s nothing worse than to cut your wedding cake all the while thinking the confection had cost you an arm and a leg. So why not go out of the box and opt for a quirky and innovative ice cream bar instead? There are many independent suppliers who create these delicious and visually scintillating treats that can adequately take the role of a four-figure, five-tiered, triple-chocolate cake.

Flower Power

Maximize your flower ornaments! First surefire way to cut the cost of wedding flowers is to opt for those variants that are in season. This means that there are an abundance of these quaint natural wonders hence they are offered in an affordable price. It’s simple economics and simple economics is always reliable. Another means to get the most of your purchased floral pieces is to reuse and recycle. Instead of stuffing both the wedding ceremony and reception areas with different sets of flowers, you can instead use the ones you had in the wedding hall for the reception area. This will of course require a little help from friends and family who should be fast and creative enough to transport and arrange the flowers from the wedding hall to the party location.

Mind the Menu

Filet mignon is quite fancy and impressive. But for couples who wish to avoid a post-wedding financial hangover, it is best to stick to the more affordable and seasoned sources of protein such as fish, pork, and chicken. After all, with an exceptionally creative chef, there is an array of fabulous dishes that can be fashioned from these bounties. Furthermore, buffet style dining is most recommended for thrift-driven couples since plated dish proves rather expensive and scores low in terms of value-for-money. Lastly, reviving the old tradition of brunch or breakfast wedding affairs can also save future grooms and brides with a considerable amount of money hence they are worth considering.

Serve Just Enough Alcohol

Your wedding day should be a memorable affair and it should never end up all wild and rowdy. With that said, do not overindulge your guests by paying for an open bar that serves unlimited alcohol. Have a fixed budget and stay within that amount. The last thing you would want is for your guests to all get wasted and have a serious condition of “what happened last night” the morning after. Weddings should be remembered.

Weddings are indeed lifelong commitments. But same goes with your value toward your financial viability. Especially during these times when the economic landscape is on a state of flux, it is a smart move to avoid yourself from getting carried away with all that glitters, and maintain the appropriate degree of levelheadedness with regards to your expenses.

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