Day 3 didn’t really exist. I was so ridiculously sick, I didn’t get anything done. My allergies and sinuses got together and decided to attack me. I was glued to the couch with tissue and the remote. I had some chicken noodle soup while agonizing over all the things I needed to pack. I took 2 Benadryl and got some sleep, got up the next morning, and felt a lot better. I was able to go to yoga class, did a mile walk/jog with Frank, and was ready to tackle packing once again.

We’re still making some progress when it comes to packing our things. I’m jealous that most of hubby’s things are already packed. Why is it that men have less things than women? Are we naturally hoarders or are we slaves to fashion? I, on the other hand, just began to make a dent in the things I have. I started doing large loads of laundry and took out all the clothes in my closet, folded them, and started putting them in bins. I didn’t have too much in my closet admittedly; most of my things were in my dresser or needed to be washed. I continued to get rid of clothes I plan on donating.

One thing I found as I was emptying out a bin was my old CD case! I know some of you are thinking “you’re old enough to remember what CDs are?” Heck, I used to own a cassette player! I digress. In my CD case was a few mix CDs I made in middle school. Plenty of rump shaking worthy songs from 2001-2004 (did I just make you feel old because that’s when I was in middle school?). I also found a Kodak CD with some pictures from the first day of 8th grade. Pretty embarrassing pictures. I’m glad not many of them exist. I guess I did go through an awkward phase, but I didn’t know it at the time.

I noticed when I was getting my clothes together, hubby was staring, mortified, at my system. When I’m cleaning out my closet or packing clothes, I like to throw all my clothes on the bed or on the floor and sort through them there. I work in piles and I make the room look like a war zone. He asked if he could help and I saw he immediately regretted asking. I let him off the hook though; no one knows my system better than I do. I had 2 bins, 2 laundry baskets, and a large bag. There wasn’t much room to step, let alone help. Alas, I was able to rediscover the bed and the floor. It works for me!

Today I plan on finishing the laundry so I can finish packing my clothes (it didn’t take as long as I thought it would!) and get these ridiculous amounts of paper files away for good. Then it’ll really start looking like we either just moved in or we’re truly moving out. I can’t believe we’ll be moving in a couple of days! It’s time to start working on a dating calendar. This should be fun.

Do you have a strange way of cleaning/packing? Do you like for your significant other to help you or do you like to do it alone?