Day two of packing up the house. Hubby and I decided the divide and conquer approach. We went to Target and got a couple more plastic bins, and got to work. He packed up his room, as I started organizing things from the master room and master bathroom and plastic containers. Those plastic shoeboxes come in handy! I was able to group makeup, medication, and roller in different boxes. I trashed most of my “jewelry” which was from senior year of high school and had turned colors anyways. That was much overdue. I also reduced the amount of toiletries I had and put my bobby pins and hair clips together.

I put hard copies of books in one box (not many, as I have moved to Kindle and most of my previous books are in storage from when I was living with my mom). I got a box together of memorabilia and a container for my high school cheer stuff (pom poms, plaques, spirit stick, scholar-athlete medal). Obviously, since hubby’s things only account for about 1/10 of our things, he was done pretty quickly. Hats in one box, comic books in another. I was in the zone though, organizing everything from notebooks to tampons (do you like my “flo basket”?).

I put some of the clothes I plan on donating or selling in 2 big black trash bags, and hubby vacuumed and cleaned the downstairs carpet and rugs. Frankie, on the other hand, enjoyed a new toy of his (a skunk with a squeaker in the tail and the body built on a plastic water bottle). I finished going through my purses and bags (no additional findings in Pursegate 2012) and went through 2 shopping bags of junk from when we moved here. I think today was a success but still have quite a bit to do.

Tomorrow I plan on going through my closet and doing some much needed laundry. I’ll then start packing up all but a week’s worth of clothes, and further reducing the amount of items I have in my wardrobe. We still have to pack up things in the kitchen (I’ll probably just buy a few paper plates and plastic cups) as well as a few things in the living room. I also have some things to go through in the garage. It may not take as long as I originally thought! We still have to schedule our movers (we left a message but didn’t get a call back), reserve our storage unit, and make some changes for our address. I’m also dreading canceling our cable and internet service but it must be done.

I found that plastic boxes and bins are a lot easier than cardboard. What’s your opinion? Also, ladies, do you have a “flo basket” like mine? I wish I would’ve thought of it sooner.