Saving water is standard in Bosch dishwashing

Water is a precious resource world-wide. Australia has always fluctuated between devastating floods and crippling droughts. With this in mind, designing and manufacturing household products that save water is at the core of Bosch’s philosophy. Bosch dishwashers not only save you time in completing a daily menial chore, but with their innovative design and latest technology, will save water too.

All of Bosch’s dishwashers have an AquaStop connection which cuts the water at the tap. This ensures no leakage. On top of this are water saving technologies like AquaSensor™, and the latest and greatest ActiveWater.

For smaller kitchens, or for people who really don’t need a large dishwasher, Bosch have compact models. While aesthetically pleasing both in size and design, their compactness has not compromised their ability to provide high quality dishwashing whilst saving water. Already using less water because of their size, these models also use AquaSensor™ technology. AquaSensor™ measures the amount of soiling in the pre-rinse cycle. If the soiling is minimal, the dishwasher reuses the water for the main wash cycle saving up to 20% in water usage.  If the water is heavily soiled, then fresh water will be used in the main cycle. Either way an optimum wash is the result. The compact dishwasher models have Load sensing and Express washing capabilities too. They only use the amount of water required depending on how full the dishwasher is, and as a consequence, save time and energy.

ActiveWater is Bosch’s 5.5 star WELS (Water Efficiency and Labeling Standard) water saving technology.  It optimizes every drop of water ensuring there’s minimal consumption, while saving energy and providing an uncompromised performance. With HalfLoad technology included, no matter where you put your dishes, it targets the water distribution where it’s needed. High performance water heating together with powerful pump action and optimal filtering, circulates the water efficiently to provide the best results. It uses as little as 10.3 liters of water for a full wash load of up to 14 international place settings. Afterwards, the HeatExchanger feature dries and sanitizes your dishes quickly and resourcefully using the heat already created from the water.

Since its inception, Bosch has continued to provide household products that are ‘Invented for life.’ Water is an essential resource in sustaining life. Owning a Bosch dishwasher means that your dishwashing is environmentally-friendly, and saves you time and money. And always comes with the high quality and performance that is synonymous with the Bosch brand.