Tag: Divorce

Truth Hurts

We are officially 3 weeks into the new year. 2013 has already been quite the year. Whether that’s negative or positive at this point is still up for debate. I write this post with a heavy heart and a naked ring finger. My...

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Hope for the Separated

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster. 2012 came to an end and my husband admitted something I already knew: he was not ready for marriage. I’ve made this speculation from his actions, but for it to come from him, I...

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The D Word

The D word, divorce, is like a bad word in marriage. It’s obvious it happens, since the US percentage is over half. However, I don’t like to think about it. I’ve experienced the effects of divorce twice, with...

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Hollywood Divorce

So here we are with another celebrity marriage ending, well, rather quickly. This couple is actually beating out Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries with their 72 day marriage. This marriage, ending after only 41 days. Tragic....

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How We Prevent Wealth

When I went to FinCon11 this past October, I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of wonderful people. Some bloggers I had been admiring for a year who were heavy hitters, and even bloggers who I had not heard of who were doing...

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