I’m leaning more towards a small wedding everyday. Besides the obvious fact that money is tight, I’ve never been one who needed a big wedding. Initially I wanted to accommodate everybody. With two sets of parents, five brothers, two sisters, four grandparents, and “close” extended family members just on my side, a small wedding was never really an option for me. Then we have Tej’s family which includes 10 siblings and even more extended family members and friends. The price of a wedding that had a minimum of 150 people was getting way too expensive.

Then it made us think. Why would we shell out tens of thousands of dollars we didn’t have for a few hours? We would be feeding and entertaining people we don’t see on a regular basis, and going into debt by sharing a moment that is very intimate and personal anyways. This was looking more and more like something we should reconsider.

With a smaller wedding, we could ensure we are surrounded by people that really care about our union as opposed to just wanting to be seen. We could afford a good time with our family and close friends, and a honeymoon for ourselves. At this point it’s a no brainer. We will be downsizing our wedding.

Invitations will most likely be sent via social networks (saving money and saving trees), we will probably have our wedding on a weekday, and we’ll be keeping our number of guests to a strict minimum.

How big was your wedding? How did you reduce your costs? Who did you invite?