A wedding is the most important day for many individuals and some people will get into massive debts to make their special day that extra bit special. That includes taking out unsecured loans, secured loans, mortgages and, if they don’t have the credit facilities to do this, borrow from family or pay for it all using bad credit credit cards.This is the day that you stand before all your friends and relatives and vow to cherish each other. Many couples spend lavishly for this day.

No expense is spared and only the best of everything is ordered. Wedding receptions are usually large events with luxury dinners and free drinks for everyone.

Guests are thrilled to be part of such a wonderful event and leave satisfied and full of food and drink. The happy couple goes off on their exotic honeymoon and does not have a care in the world.

When the couple returns from paradise it is time to get back to reality. The reality involves taking a look at the bills incurred for the wedding.

Many people are quite shocked to see the total amount of money that they have spent on this event. There are statistics that indicate that the average cost of a wedding is now $29,000.

Imagine spending that much money on one day and then having to pay that off over the course of several years. Many people do not have this money saved up when they plan their wedding so most of the cost is incurred in the form of debt.

There are the lucky few whose parents pay for everything but this does not happen very frequently. Some people even use their bad credit credit cards to fund their wedding.

This is the worst way to do it since credit cards carry such a high interest rate. Many couples are so starry-eyed before the wedding that the stark reality of the debt incurred does not sink in until much later.

Being in debt is no way to start a marriage and can only add stress and strain to the new marriage. Many people want to buy homes and finding enough money for both the mortgage and the wedding debt payment can often prove challenging.

This is why it is so important to use a wedding calculator to make sure that you stay within budget. Using a wedding calculator can be a real eye-opener and make couples aware of how much debt they are likely to incur.

The calculator takes care of all data that is needed and the couple just has to enter the pertinent information. With this knowledge the couple can then consciously decide if they really want to spend that much money on one day when they have the rest of their lives to share together.

Many people find that they are holding the wedding for others more than for themselves. There is no need to spend so much when a simple wedding can be just as beautiful and meaningful.

Wedding guests will soon forget the wedding and get on with their lives, but the happy couple will have to pay back the expenses incurred over many years.

Incurring debts like this for the sake of appearances is not often the prudent thing to do. If the couple absolutely has to have a lavish wedding, a large chunk of the expenses should be saved for beforehand so that married life is not marred by high debts.