The other day, I saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial that advertised one of their new miracle bras. The push-up bra is supposed to boost your cup size by 2 cups! Fascinating! I’m usually not a sucker for such advertising, but this definitely interested me. I’ve shopped at Victoria’s Secret before, but I’ve never bought a bra from there. I only buy their underwear when it’s on sale, like 5 for $25 or 7 for $25 if they’re really generous.

So I went to the website to learn more about this new bra. What came next was sticker shock. $49.95 for a bra?! If I had water in my mouth, I probably would have spit it out on the screen. I texted my BFF, who buys all her intimates from Vicky’s.

Me: Would you spend $50 on a bra?

Her: I’ve spent $80

Me: What?! Does it give you tits from heaven or something

Her: Mine normally run me 40-50. Lmao it’s just Victoria’s Secret man. I got that miraculous one (that’s the one I was looking for). I normally get Very Sexy (one of the bra brands)

Me: I’m looking at them online and I’m like “you’re kidding if you think I’m spending $50 for a tit holder”

Her: LOL I thought that was normal

Me: For one bra?

Her: Yea! LOL

Me: I’m sorry but dude. I must be cheap. There’s one that goes up to $98! Bruh. Nah.

Her: Lol it’s that VS life

Me: Am I doing my boobs a disservice?

Her: Umm idk lol if my boobs were bigger maybe I’d feel differently?

Me: Mine are only a B cup. Maybe I need to spend the cash?

Her: Lol u may!

Me: Lmao man I’d need a whole new budget

Her: Lol well I only have like 7 or 8 though

Me: Bras total?

Her: Yea. You don’t need a lot lol it’s just boobs

Me: Interesting lol

Her: I mean, do your boobs sweat that often? Lol my bras last a long time lol

Me: No but I just figured you need more bras lol how often do you re wear them

Her: Every day duh lol you do laundry like once a week? It last me lol

Me: Imagine that!

Her: Lmao ?! What ??

Me: Lmao I just never knew the world of bras. I usually wear a different one everyday. Unless it’s my favorite push ups, but I thought it was like a sin or something

Her: Lmao I rotate them. Then circle back around. I wear them twice before I wash them. I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do lol

Me: Well I mean I never asked so I never knew. I must have more bras than anyone I know

Her: Lol I hear if they’re cheap normally people have a lot. I guess cuz they don’t last? idk

Me: Yeah. I had to throw one away last week because the wire came out and started stabbing me

Her: Yeah see THAT will never happen with VS bras

Me: This has been quite a lesson. I think I need to go bra shopping

I also took to Twitter to ask my lady followers about bra prices and preference. Victoria’s Secret was a favorite for some, and too expensive for others. Some ladies had spent $75 on a bra, while others chose the range of $20-$25. We mentioned how they’re not just for us, but for our husbands too. I never thought about that. I probably should have gotten a clue when my husband knows when I get a new bra.

So I went shopping at Ross, where I usually do my shopping, and got some new bras. Again, straying away from expensive ones but looking for quality still. I got new bras and underwear for the price of 1 Victoria’s Secret bra, and I’m not ashamed. I just think spending that much on underwear is just ridiculous, even if it’s for my husband. I don’t expect him to max out a credit card for new boxers, no matter how nice or flattering they are.

Do you splurge on intimates? Are you a loyal VS shopper? Am I just being cheap?