Last night, I decided to tune in to Discovery Fit & Health’s new show “Secretly Pregnant”. It’s no secret I love babies (I must’ve said it like 5 times this weekend alone) and I’m always watching shows like “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”, “A Baby Story”, and “I’m Having Their Baby”. So when I saw the preview for this show, I knew I had to tune in.

And what the heck did I do that for? I’m known for my facial expressions, and I completely felt the look of irritation oozing all over my face. Watching this episode pissed me off. As you can probably guess from the name of the show, it documents ladies who are pregnant and haven’t told their family and friends. So on the episode I watched last night, they documented 2 ladies: 22 year old Natasha, and 37 year old Charity.

So Natasha is my age and she’s pregnant by her boyfriend Axel. Cute couple. Natasha hadn’t told Axle she was pregnant because she had gotten pregnant before when they first got together, and because neither one of them had a job, she ended up getting an abortion. No judgement here. So when Natasha got pregnant this time around, she felt they could do it this time. “Cool”, I thought. More power to her. Until I found out neither one of them had a job still…and Natasha didn’t have her high school diploma…and Axel was on probation. LORD HAVE MERCY!

Then we had Charity, who’s a married mom of 5 boys already, with baby #6 on the way. Charity and her husband had been relying on Charity’s parents, mainly her mom, for help with their kids. Even though both of them were working, they still found themselves struggling with their large family (4 of the kids are under 8). You know why she got pregnant? Because her and her husband wanted a baby girl. You know the gender of their baby? Another boy. More mercy please Lord.

So the whole time I’m just upset and silently yelling to them in my head. Because I felt like neither one of these women were being responsible by any stretch of the imagination. Like, I’m furious. I know I have my bouts of baby fever knowing that now’s not the time, but to me, they were just being reckless. Let me be clear, I believe that all babies are a blessing, planned or unplanned. Heck, I was a surprise myself. However, I feel like these women deliberately put themselves between a rock and a hard place.

I know Natasha was being completely optimistic, and sure, her and Axle can make it. I do like their determination to do whatever it takes, but they also made it that much harder on themselves. They’re living with Natasha’s mom and 2 roommates in a cramped room with no jobs and really no support. Then when it comes to Charity, I feel like her and her husband were just being completely selfish. I’m sorry, but “wanting a baby girl” so bad that you’ll put your entire family’s stability in jeopardy is ridiculous. They’re taking advantage of their parents, and just have no regard. They knew it would be a burden on her parents, and they went and intentionally got pregnant anyways.

Situations are different for every pregnancy. Not everyone’s family is as supportive as mine. I’m thankful my family has been helping hubby and I, and I’m also aware that we would have a hell of a time trying to bring a baby into the world at this particular point in our lives. So I take my birth control faithfully. If I can take it, I don’t know why it’s so hard for other people to take it. And access to it is no longer an excuse.

Natasha told Axel and he was shocked but he told her he would do whatever it takes, so I was happy to hear that. But he didn’t help out enough so she ended their relationship after the baby was born. When Charity was going to tell her mom, she kept wimping out, which made me even more mad. So her husband ended up making the announcement. Surprisingly, her mom said “all I can say is God has his reasons” and said that they’re both fantastic parents and God wouldn’t give them all these children if they couldn’t take care of it. That reaction lightened my mood. Her dad also said that they should never put themselves in a bind for fear of his reaction.

Yeah, I cried. So?! It was emotional. My anger subsided for the most part, because, I LOVE BABIES DANGIT! They really are a blessing, and I do believe everything happens for a reason according to God’s plan. It just really made me mad that these women were putting themselves in a bind for the sake of having a baby right then and there. I took a double helping of my birth control pills last night. Just kidding, that’s not safe. But my baby fever is broke again.

What do you think about this episode? Do you think they were being reckless and irresponsible? Do you think I was being way too judgmental?