Do you remember your first kiss? I kissed a boy named Cameron Merritt on his cheek in the 2nd grade haha. Do you remember your first kiss with your spouse? I remember. It was in the doorway of his room, and it was, not awkward, but definitely unexpected, because we were just friends at the time. That was probably the indication that it was destined to be more. Whatever the case may be, a kiss can do so much more in a relationship than you may think. I never knew the power of kissing until recently.

When hubby and I were dating, we didn’t kiss much. I don’t know why. I didn’t exactly reach out for them, but I wasn’t met with them either. Since we’ve been married, we kiss a lot more. Maybe after the “you may kiss your bride” we became kissing machines. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s been since we moved in together. I get a lot more kisses, and I love it! He usually initiates it, which I love. It could be because physical touch is one of his love languages. What I love is that it’s more than a peck. They’re real kisses. And I get several.

I’ve read a lot of articles saying that a kiss can make or break a relationship. People are known to end their relationship on the grounds of bad kissing alone. To me, it sounds kind of shallow, but I could see how it could be extremely important to people, especially if they’re not being kissed the way they like. But can you teach a person how to kiss? I’ve experienced a bad kisser before, and it still gives me the creeps thinking about it, haha. While that wasn’t the sole reason I didn’t pursue a long term relationship with them, it certainly didn’t help.

Kissing is a form of intimacy. It can say things you can’t say. You can give a kiss on the lips, on the nose, on the forehead, on the hands, on the neck, on the ears, and other places as well. Usually in the morning, hubby kisses me on the head. I like to think of it as a dominance thing, mostly because I don’t kiss him on the forehead haha. We kiss our family members on the cheek. A kiss on the neck is usually for deeper intimate settings, either before or after love making. A kiss on the nose is playful. Kisses on the ears tickle us both. If my husband kisses me on the hand, I’m going to get suspicious, because he doesn’t.

Kissing is also healthy for you! If you kiss deep enough and long enough, you can burn calories. The passion from a kiss can increase your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and improve blood circulation. Kissing is known to relieve stress, lowering cortisol stress hormones, and relaxing you. I even read that kissing can reduce hay fever, which is a good enough reason for me!

To have a great kissing experience, ensure fresh breath, moisturized lips, close your eyes, and relax. Allow your passion to guide you. Your relationship deserves it.

How often do you kiss your spouse? Above is a rare moment of hubby kissing me and me resisting. Lovely face, don’t you think?