You’re about to see how U.S. News Columnist, CFP and website owner Jason Hull used my Receipt Reference Technique to save money on food and organized his receipts in three easy steps.

And then I’ll walk you through exactly how he did it so that you can potentially get similar or better results. To learn more, keep reading.

1. Jason put the receipt on his fridge. “We use it to determine what we should be pulling out of the fridge and freezer to cook.” After putting away items from the grocery store, put the receipt right on the fridge. Put it in a location where you will see it every time you open the fridge.

2. He referred to the receipt to gauge what he would eat in order not to waste groceries. “It’s easy to grab a bag of vegetables from the freezer and stick it in the microwave, but if we have fresh vegetables which are close to their expiration date, we try to use them and then cross them off of the receipt. It helps us eat healthier and fresh is always tastier than frozen!” Refer to the receipt to remind yourself what to eat.

3 Jason checked off items he used. “It helps us determine what should go on the grocery list. We try to stick to a generally paleolithic diet, so we tend to eat the same things over and over again, so rather than going on a scavenger hunt to see what we have, we just look at previous lists. If something’s not crossed off, then it doesn’t go on the grocery list.” Look at the receipt whenever you eat.  Check off items you finish eating to determine what is left.  This way you are sure not to waste what you bought and it will guide your meal planning to finish food before it expires.

“I thought the Receipt Reference Technique by Karen at was great.  It helps us maintain our records. When a receipt is done, it goes into the file. This helps know what we paid for groceries to see if we’re staying on budget.”


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