Selling your home in today’s climate is by no means an easy task. With the majority of Western economies still in a state of slow recovery, most prospective buyers are understandably cautious about any investment in the property market. Whilst we can’t control the economy, we can help to highlight a couple of other common problems that stand in the way of that final sale. Read on for some top tips.

Lack of Repairs or Maintenance

Appearance is paramount when it comes to selling your home. So it is absolutely essential that you take care of all basic or major repair and maintenance issues before putting your home on the market. Remember that buyers are incredibly picky. Whilst they know full well that they’re not buying a new house, they’ll still expect it to look as close to new as possible. In this respect, things like stained sinks, or worn floorboards really do make a difference. So do as much as you can to restore your home to its former glory before letting buyers through the door. And finally, don’t forget your front garden. Being that this is the first thing buyers will see upon arrival, it’s important to make a good impression, even if it means shelling out a few extra pennies in order to bring it up to par.

Garish or Unpleasant Color Schemes

Thankfully, the vast majority of homeowners will have the good sense to repaint their house before selling it. Some however, forget that they are no longer decorating for themselves, but for the general public; the people you hope to sell your property to. In this respect, it’s advisable to throw your own aesthetic persuasions out the window (particularly if they look anything like this) and instead go for simple, neutral colors. Simple colours allow the house to speak for itself. Garish ones only draw unwanted attention, and deter serious buyers.

Half-Way Towards That Sale

Implementing the advice given here will give you a much better chance of selling your home. The next step? Find the best possible estate agent. And these days, that means bypassing the conventional big name agents, and going to a professional online estate agent instead. Companies like these (for example, House Network) will provide you with selling packages and options which are infinitely more flexible than your conventional agent. With a top online estate agent and the advice given above, you’re already half-way towards that sale.