Only 2 1/2 more weeks until we move from our 1 bedroom apartment to our 3 bedroom townhouse! The Mr. and I are very excited. We’ve been living here since July, and while it’s been great, we’re happy to be leaving this complex.

There have been a few things that are slowly pushing us away from this community:

  • Parking: As we live in an apartment complex, we don’t have a garage, rather, we have assigned parking spaces. They’re not next to each other either. Tej’s is in the front, not far from our apartment, and mine is towards the back, which is a longer walk. It’s just a hassle at times.
  • Quick fixes: Our apartment isn’t the best thing out there, but it’s pretty nice for our first place. We noticed a few quick fixes when we moved in, and continued to notice along the way. There’s a crack in our ceiling near the smoke detector and we’re not sure how it got there. 2 of our kitchen cabinet doors have fallen off, and can’t be put back in by us because the holes the screws were in are too big. Our garbage disposal was replaced our first month here because a shot glass fell in it (don’t judge us), but the maintenance man disclosed they chose cheap ones. One of our bathroom drawers has a crack in it. Just little things you don’t notice when you first move in.
  • Center heating & air: We moved in during the summer, when it was hotter than fish grease! We ran our air every single day, no exaggeration. The problem was that our air conditioner was only in the living room, which means we had to invest in a fan for our bedroom and leave the windows open. Those were not comfortable sleeping months.
  • Funny neighbors: Our neighbor downstairs (we’re in an upstairs unit) is a middle aged guy, at least in his 50s, who lives with his mom and plays video games all night. It’s not out of the ordinary to hear him cussing out Call of Duty at 2am. There’s also some guy who walks around the complex talking loudly on his cell phone. I don’t know if he ever has a destination.
  • Washing clothes: Like I said, we live upstairs, and the laundry room isn’t that close to our apartment. Who knew 2 people could accumulate so many clothes! (I have to admit, the majority of them are mine). It becomes a full day’s tasks to wash clothes, going up and down the stairs. Not only that, it’s $1.25/load to wash, and another $1.25/load to dry. We’ve had our quarters “eaten” several times, and this just gets expensive!

Since we’re moving, we have to start packing. Due to my newly found free time, I’m getting started today. I already bought a few clear bags to store some of our things, and I plan on going to get some containers from Big Lots to pack our clothes and other belongings.

Do you think moving is a hassle? My mom hates moving, and I have to admit, it’s stressful.

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