One of the things that goes into the talk about marriage is the talk about your assets. No, not physical, but financial. Some couples come into a relationship with their own wealth, their own property, their own career, etc. To protect themselves “in case of divorce”, talks of a pre-nuptial agreement occur. We’ve seen divorces turn ugly without them, where not only tens of thousands but hundreds of millions are lost by one party and awarded to the other. Heard the phrase “it’s cheaper to keep her?” In Tiger Woods’ and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s situations, this was definitely the case.

An argument in favor of prenupts is to confirm that your spouse is marrying you because they love you, and not for the money. We all know a gold digger or two, who intend to marry rich and prosper off someone else’s hard work. Love hasn’t always been the basis of a marriage; it’s been an economic stimulus package of its own for many years. It may seem insane to many of us in today’s society, but there are still people out there who intend to find a significant other with significant figures.

My personal argument against prenupts is that it shows your lack of faith in the relationship. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but to me, if you look to get a prenupt, you’re somewhat expecting things to not work out and end in divorce. Who goes into a commitment that’s intended to be “til death do us part” when in the back of your mind, you’re thinking “things probably won’t work out and I’m going to keep everything I’ve got”? It’s a bit disheartening for both parties, the one who is in a better financial position because they second guess their partner, and the person with less assets for being seen as someone who might take advantage down the line.

Tej and I talked about it before we got married. It was a quick and painless conversation. We decided to not get one. One reason may be because we’re young and don’t have many assets in the first place. My main reason, of course, is because of the argument I mentioned above, that in my eyes, you’re anticipating a divorce. I know we won’t be broke for long, but I also believe we will build an empire together, and are joining forces in multiple areas, including financially.

What’s your opinion on pre-nuptial agreements? Are you for or against them? Which celebrities do you think would’ve benefited from one (besides the two I named before)? Post originally published May 27, 2011.