Wedding favors are meant to be gifts for your guests, thanking them for joining you for your ceremony and reception. While there are many different options to choose from, many brides (and grooms) would prefer to give a gift that keeps giving, or at least serves a purpose. Of course, people love chocolate, they can drink water, and bubbles are nice. What about these wedding favors that are more than a keepsake?

Bottle Opener

What a sweet gift that not only reminds your guests of the great time they had at our wedding, but they can also open a bottle in honor of your union.

Golf Balls

The men that attend your wedding aren’t going to be too thrilled about candles and scented soaps. Give them something to golf about with custom golf balls with your wedding date on it. It’ll be easier to spot on the green anyways.


Have a bunch of party people? They’ll enjoy drink after drink on you in the comfort of your home. You can choose shot glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs, and champagne flutes.


To keep those rings of the tables for the drinks they’ll be opened with your bottle openers and pouring into your custom glasses, your guests can benefit from these lovely coasters. This would be a great place to put your monogram if you have one.

Letter Openers

Maybe I’m just a nerd but one of my favorite tools is a letter opener! I hate rigged envelopes, and love the more clean look you can achieve with it. Find a nice letter opener for your guests. They can use it to open up those thank you cards.

What are some other practical wedding favors your guests can use?