Does your significant other complain that you play online games too much? Even though we may think that there’s nothing wrong with playing video games for a little bit after work to calm our nerves, spending too much time doing this activity can have a negative impact on our relationships. We all need stuff that relaxes us but, when gaming eats too much into our normal responsibilities, it may be time to look at some other options.

The thing, our partners don’t understand that playing these games often gives us a sense of Mastery and competence over something. A feeling that is lacking in other places in our lives, like at work. Furthermore, online gaming it’s fun.

The problem is that gaming and especially real money gaming that can be played at royal vegas online casino can easily become a habit i.e. something that we do just because it’s what we’re used to, etc. Plus, online gaming isn’t an activity that you can do in short burst. Most good games require hours of our time, it’s in their very DNA. But when our spouses are starting to clamor for our attention, a threshold may have been crossed.

Does any of this sound familiar? Need to learn how to you can restore your relationship and keep playing online games? Keep reading for more information.

Manage your time wisely

Let’s say that you typically play online games for 4 hours every day after work at royal vegas online casino. Instead of keeping on with this pattern, consider playing for 2 hours a day instead. In this way, you still get to play for a significant amount of time, plus your partner gets some free time to spend with you. That’s what’s called a win-win.

Get out the house once a week

Going outside once a week, even if it’s just to take a walk, will help improve your relationship. When you’re out of the house, you’re not playing online games, something that will be sure to make your spouse happy. Plus, once you get used to going out, you slowly break your reliance on the games for your sole form of entertainment.

Invite your spouse to play video games with you

If your partner is always complaining about how much time you spend playing online games, consider asking him or her to join you. Although this may not fix everything, at least you get to share a part of your favorite pastime with your significant other. And who knows? You may have gained a new gaming buddy and your partner may have found something new (like the many exciting casino slot games available online casinos) to do to pass the time.

Keep the lines of communication open

It’s important that you are honest with your spouse so that you can talk to him or her about what you need and vice versa. Also, make sure to take time out to show your spouse love and in a way that he or she understands. This means that you have to listen to what your partner has to say with open hearts and ears.

You may hear things like, he or she may not feel as if you’re spending enough time together or that they want to find things that you two can share. But, if your partner feels that you haven’t been connecting lately, it’s time to come together to build the marriage up.

Furthermore, once you start talking to each other about what you need, never accuse each other (this will automatically make the recipient defensive) instead make sure that you express your feeling clearly. Once you are able to accomplish that, the conversation will ease away from video games, and will become more about the connection between the two of you. And that’s something that your significant other undoubtedly wants to discuss.