I just woke up from a much needed nap. Today we got back from a mini vacation / delayed honeymoon / birthday celebration in Las Vegas. We didn’t do any of the typical Vegas things. We had very nice accommodations at a resort off the strip courtesy of hubby’s niece, ate at a great buffet called Cravings in The Mirage with my grandparents who live out there courtesy of my dad, and really just relaxed. We also visited one of my brothers who recently moved back out there and my cousin had breakfast with us this morning. Other than that, we didn’t really leave the room. It was just so nice to get away.

Our article was published in the New York Times on Tuesday, and we received an overwhelming response. Little did we know, it was also picked up in Yahoo Finance and hit the front page of Yahoo too. To say it got some attention is an understatement. As I was driving us to Vegas, I noticed I kept getting notifications on Facebook. People I didn’t know were sending me friend requests, I got multiple messages, and even some e-mails. People were reaching out after reading our story. I could’ve cried. It was so amazing to hear from complete strangers that they felt for us and wanted to help us out. I haven’t gotten back to everyone yet but I definitely will.

The New York Times had the article published in the paper as well as on the website. The website did not allow comments, but the Yahoo version did. When I woke up randomly at 3:30am Wednesday morning, I found the story. It had over 1,300 comments. I immediately had anxiety. I’m not a person who likes a lot of attention; I prefer to be in the background. The first few comments I read were rude, and down right mean. There were people talking about the picture (we had a photo with our MacBook and iPad so they assumed we were financially irresponsible, but I have no idea why the thought didn’t cross their mind that we purchased these items when we both had jobs), talking about my weight (ugh I knew that was coming), talking about how we weren’t worthy of having our story discussed since their situations were much worse, and of course our race and the president came into play.

I guess I didn’t realize that people were still so cruel and inconsiderate. Had I been the old me, still extremely depressed, reading those comments could’ve been very┬ádangerous to my well being. But I took it with a grain of salt. I even left a comment myself addressing some of the issues, and I left it alone. I already know people love to hide behind a computer screen and probably would NEVER EVER┬ásay these things in my face. They assumed we voted for President Obama and that this is what we get. I ended up just laughing at their ignorance. When it comes down to it, we didn’t do the story for attention on us. We did it because we wanted people to pay attention to the situation: people are getting laid off multiple times and having a hard time making ends meet.

In the midst of all the drama, my brother had us come over to discuss possibly moving to Vegas, something that has been on my mind lately anyway. Cost of living is a hell of a lot cheaper out there than out here in Orange County or any surrounding LA area. He could possibly get my husband a job at his job, and I can continue working freelance and/or find somewhere out there as well. Rent out there is hundreds of dollars cheaper, and we both have family out there. I am highly considering the option, but we need to talk about it more (we decided not to discuss it too much since this was “vacation”).

So again I want to thank everyone for the support, friends, family, online buddies and strangers alike. Thanks even to the people who outright said they didn’t care about us, thought we deserved it, and just put us down in any way they can think of. You may have intended to hurt our feelings but you made us feel better about ourselves knowing we’re more mature than some extremely grown people out there. You may not get over yourselves, but we’re already over you.

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