I can’t quite say I love to cook yet, but when I do, I certainly have some help. I think the gadgets and appliances in my kitchen make cooking a lot more exciting than it would be without it. Sure, you can use pots and pans, but it’s the other things that connect to the outlet that makes me happy. You know I got them for a great price too. So what are the appliances that make my experience that much more exciting?

George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill was my first appliance I got before hubby and I even moved in together. We would cook at his house and make burgers a lot. It was a lot better to cook on there as we could see the grease and fat just drain off. I remember when my grandma first got one, and I knew I would get one too. I bought mine at Kohls for $30. It’s a great investment, especially if you have a burger connoisseur in your house like I do.

Liddle Griddle

I’m not big on pots and pans, so the Liddle Griddle, our second appliance we got, was a great buy. We would often make breakfast, including bacon and pancakes on our small griddle. We got a little one because we’re only cooking for two, but a larger one could’ve allowed us to cook several things at the same time. I love making bacon on the griddle because you can also have the grease and fat drain off in the channel. Be careful when handling it though; I burned myself a few weeks ago trying to unplug the heat control before it cooled down. $30 got us this treat.

16 Speed Blender

I got this appliance from my grandma, who had it and never used it! I had bought my own, cheaper version, but she gave me her 16 Speed Blender as it went faster and had a bigger pitcher. I love making smoothies, whether it’s all fruit and yogurt, or if I make my own green smoothies. Hubby also has taken a liking to it by making some “adult beverages” haha. When the blender is going, I know good drinks are going to be made. With 16 speeds, you can blend just about anything. This model runs for about $50.


Remember I mentioned I was finally using my crockpot after having it for a whole year? This appliance is probably one of my favorites! The idea of putting your dinner on hours ahead of time and having it ready to go is just genius. I bought it when we first moved in together, and it just sat. Now that it’s getting colder, I’ll be making all sorts of soups and stews in this baby. I got a pretty basic model 5 Quart Crock-Pot that has a low, high, and warm setting. It even came with a smaller version called the Little Dipper. I can’t wait to use it regularly. This size cost $30.

Black and Decker Juicer

You know about my most recent purchase, my Black and Decker Juicer has been getting quite a bit of love lately. From green drinks with mainly vegetables as the ingredients, to my very own fruit punch, I love using this thing! For a $30 juicer, it sure does pack a lot of power. It’s just enough for me to increase my fruit and vegetable intake, and the cleaning is easy as long as you rinse off the parts before the pulp dries on it. I plan on making some more juice today in fact.

What are your favorite appliances in your kitchen? Have you tried any of the ones I’ve mentioned?