I got some news early this morning from the folks fostering Frankie that they can no longer do so. It seems he’s been a bad influence on their dog, and because they both work full time, they feel bad for crating him all day. Completely understandable, but admittedly had me a bit bummed. But instead of spiraling and focusing on the negative, I’m being proactive and not reactive.

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and just work on Frankie to be the best dog he can be. If that means putting him in training classes, so be it. A lot of places are pretty expensive but I’ll do my best to find a good program that is somewhat affordable. The timing, as usual, sucks because I begin making payments for school in a few days. $329.17/month for a balance of $1,975.

I’m really hoping the process for the Sheriff’s Department goes fairly quickly. What I thought was my background interview was actually an appointment to turn in my materials. I’m just waiting for my background investigator to give me a call, and hopefully the next steps will be soon to follow, which includes a polygraph test and (hopefully) the academy. I’m now thinking instead of just going for Custody Assistant, I should probably go for Deputy Trainee. The CA academy is 8 weeks but the Deputy academy is 19 weeks! Fitness is very important; I’m not too worried on the classroom portion.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to pick up more freelance work. I drastically reduced my freelance writing in order to focus on myself and my family, but I’ll just have to juggle and make things work. Balancing time between school, getting in shape, giving Frankie the love and attention he needs, keeping my marriage strong despite being in two different households, and doing work to put some money in my pocket (then right out to paying bills). Welcome to adulthood, eh?

My ultimate hope is to get Frankie so well trained, he can ultimately because a AKC Canine Good Citizen. I’d love for him to be a therapy dog, because he has so much personality, he’s bound to put a smile on someone’s face. Especially going into psychology, I’ve been researching alternate therapy methods for emotional health and mood disorders. That’s down the line, but we’re both a work in progress.

How did you train your dog? How long did it take? Did reading up on the breed help any?