Yesterday was the dreaded moving day. We slept on the couch the night before (not the best idea) and woke up bright and early to start getting last minute things together and clean out. We loaded our cars, we took out trash, and we jammed to music for our last day in our home. Frankie helped us dispose of trash but also wondered what the heck we were doing and why everything was askew in the house. He was not pleased.

Our movers were scheduled for 10am, so once we got everything we could loaded in our cars, we waited. Then we got the call. The call I didn’t want but knew was going to happen. Our movers were on their way when their transmission went out on the freeway. All other trucks were out on other moves, and the owner didn’t know how long the delay would take. He told us to give him 2 hours. So we decided to go ahead and move the stuff we had in our cars down to the in-laws and grandparents house. Frankie came along.

We first stopped at my in-laws to get hubby’s stuff unloaded. I also let Frankie roam around their backyard since he loves it. Hubby’s car was organized chaos, so I unloaded nothing of his. I didn’t know where anything was supposed to go. While he unloaded, I headed over to my grandparents house to do the same. It was pretty easy, putting a couple of my small boxes in my room. I didn’t bring any clothes because I was leaving them for the movers. Muffin, my Pomeranian at my grandparents’ house, was happy to see me. She would soon find out she has a roommate.

I then headed over to our storage, which is down the street from my grandparents’ house. The sales guy was super nice, and showed me multiple ways to get to my unit (which is on the 2nd floor), showed me the unit (hope all our things fit in it), and the best way for the movers to put our stuff in. He sold me a lock and we signed the paperwork, I’m hoping we won’t need storage for long.

Next, I headed back to my in-laws house. As I walked in, I saw my husband and my father-in-law struggling to get the last piece of a sectional out of hubby’s room. The couch piece was larger than the doorway, and even once they got it through that door, they had to get it through the hallway. Me, being the puzzle solver I am, suggested that they take the legs off the couch. They didn’t listen. 20 minutes went by of them fumbling and mumbling. I sat and chuckled. Then, as if they came up with the idea on their own, they took one of the legs off. What do you know, success. I used my “I told you so” card. Men.

During that time, our movers called. No luck on fixing their truck and they had no openings for Wednesday. We had to get our things out ASAP as we’re returning our keys on Thursday. Good thing we didn’t pay them upfront. We then agonized over finding another mover. Thankfully we found an affordable one for the next day. Our move would be delayed.

Hubby insisted on getting a new bed frame for his room that took up less space and that was easier to put up. I obliged, since his old one was, well, old. So we headed to Ikea. We found a nice bed frame, but we took my car, and my seats don’t fold down. Hubby, again, doesn’t listen to me. He fusses and fumbles trying to fit the boxes in my car to no avail. I called my grandparents, who have a F-150, to come help us. Thankfully they were in the area and got there in no time. We got the bed frame to my in-laws house.

After having a much needed meal, I got a migraine and decided to head back to my grandparents’ house with Frankie, to get him used to his new home. He did relatively good, but of course, he tried to play with Muffin and Muffin wasn’t feeling it. A 9 year old Pomeranian vs. a 9 month old Jack Russell mix is comedic, yet stressful. Hopefully they warm up to each other soon.

So today will be part 2. Hopefully things go smoothly and we get everything out and everything clean. This has most certainly been my most stressful move, but again, I’m confident we made the right decision and that it will be temporary. Hopefully, we’ll only be here up to summer.

What’s the hardest part about moving? Have you ever had movers flake on you?