Many people enjoy taking modest risks with their money.  As long as they are aware of the risk and have the money to spend and the control to walk away, there is no risk with spending money this way.  Some people like to go out to eat for recreation, while others like to try their hand at gambling.

If you’d like to take a gamble with your money while minimizing your risks, try these strategies:

1.  Learn about sports betting companies.  There are plenty of sports betting sites out there, but they’re not all created equal.  If you want to minimize your risk, it’s important to know which ones have the best bonuses and which ones pay out fastest.

2.  Play on the least expensive machines.  If you like to visit the casino, stay away from the $1 slots.  Yes, if you win, you’ll win more, but your odds of winning aren’t that great.  Instead, play on the quarter or even nickel machines.  Yes, you likely won’t win a huge jackpot, but you’ll minimize your risk of losing a substantial sum of money, and you’ll be able to have a few hours of fun.

3.  Don’t play the lottery when the jackpot is high.  Everyone and their brother rushes out to buy a ticket when the lottery is worth several million.  Minimize your risk by not buying a ticket at this time because your chance of winning is diluted.

If you like to gamble occasionally but want to minimize your risk, take these prudent steps and enjoy your time while keeping your money safe.