For those of you who don’t know, my grandpa has been back and forth to the hospital for the past 10 days or so. What started off as back pain a couple months back has become excruciating leg pain to the point where he can’t walk or lay down. He’s been sleeping sat up in his chair the past week. My family knows my grandpa is actually known for being the boy who cried wolf. He often insists he has that “ol’ cold” or just doesn’t feel good when he doesn’t want to do something, so admittedly, we thought it was one of those times. People who know my grandpa also know he’s an active person, walking at least 3 miles a day and cutting his lawn, the neighbors’ lawns, and washing the cars, all at the age of 71. So we quickly saw he wasn’t faking this time.

He’s been back and forth, appointment after appointment, ER trips and ambulance rides. It’s been pretty scary. However, my grandma has been there through the whole thing. She even had a little episode when she took him to the ER. She got bit by a bug in the waiting room, and her hand swelled up, but she kept pushing, making sure my grandpa was okay.

Today he’s feeling better, but still in the hospital. He’s going to be having back surgery tomorrow morning. My grandma has been staying with him, making sure everything is okay and helping him with everything: cleaning, walking, taking his phone calls, talking to the doctors, you name it. It’s been so amazing to see. They have their fights and battles but to see her there truly through sickness and health.

This isn’t the first time my grandpa has had some health issues. He’s had a heart attack, a stroke, a blocked artery. He’s no stranger to hospitals, but the past few years he’s been very health, staying active and keeping all of his appointments. My grandma has been there for everything and it’s just so amazing to see that, even still in their age.

I called their neighbors and let them know how he was doing, and everyone missed him, since they’re used to seeing him outside. They’re happy to know he’s doing better and expected to make a speedy recovery. I’m sure no one is more relieved than my granny.

I would be so scared if my husband was in the hospital about to have surgery but I would never show it, and granny isn’t either. What a blessing to know your spouse is truly there for you through thick and thin.

Have you had to support your spouse with an illness or injury? How did it affect your relationship?

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