If you’re working from home, you need to put in some effort to make it work. Whether you’re working remotely for a traditional company in the short term – perhaps while recovering from an injury or combining work with child care – or you’re self employed and your home is your office the majority of the time, it’s possible to be just as productive as when you’re working in a professional office.

Today, we’ve got three key ways to maximize your productivity while you’re working from home so you can be sure you’re making a full contribution, wherever you are!

Create an Office Space

Whether it’s a spare room, or a temporary arrangement at the kitchen table, creating a dedicated space devoted to work will help you to focus. In the short term, try to approximate your office space as much as a possible and remove distractions: having a television in the same room could prove to be too much of a temptation to someone trying to put in a full day’s work!

If you’re working from home in the long term this will help you maintain a reasonable work life balance: when there’s no official ‘stop time’ at the end of the day, it can difficult to switch off. Having a specific room you work in and setting times to leave it and stop will make sure you maintain healthy boundaries.

If you don’t have a convenient office space at home, it’s worth looking at shared working spaces you can drop into occasionally, if not to use full time: this can helpful if you thrive in a busy environment and need the background noise of an office to really focus.

Shared work spaces can be expensive, however, cheaper options are available. Some storage facilities are offering additional facilities to make themselves attractive to a market beyond people packing furniture away.

A storage facility can make a great place to work from: and as well as a no frills office, many also include meeting rooms and conference facilities for if you need to discuss things in person with clients.