Do you want to personalize your wedding gift, but are limited to a pre-arranged list? Unless the specific item has been detailed, you can add your own personal touch with House of Fraser’s luxury bed linen sets. Bed linen is often on the wedding gift list, so if the make, model and color isn’t detailed, you can make your own decision about what suits the bride and groom best. Here are our top picks on luxury bed linen from House of Fraser, perfect for the marital bed.

The Damask Collection from Sheridan is elegant and sophisticated. The soft vanilla color, the delicate pattern and mix of fabrics are perfect for creating a sumptuous retreat on any bed. Matching quilted throws and padded cushions are also available and if you want to complete the look throughout the room, you can get matching curtains too.

The Noho Collection from Kenneth Cole in navy blue is a little more masculine, however, it’s softened by the ombre dotty design in white. It’s neat, slick and understated. Add a quilted throw in a contrasting color to lighten the room and plump it up with lots of color-coordinated cushions.

Christy’s range of bed linen is sensual and romantic. The Marianne Bed Linen range in ivory is evocative of the 1920s, with quilted throws, small cushions in velvet and silk, embroidery detailing and swirling fleur-de-lis pattern. Its relatively high thread count of 200 means these sheets don’t just look good, they feel soft and hardwearing too.

The Belmont Bed Linen range from Boutique in monochrome black and white is modern, minimalist and oozes style. But behind the simple stripes and blocks of white and black are details tailored to perfection and a cotton sateen finish with a thread count of 300, making these some seriously good quality sheets.

Kylie Minogue Bed Linens

Find Kylie's range at House of Fraser

Kylie Minogue now designs her own range of bedding and it is truly luxurious. The Allure Bed Linen set is like something from the bed of Louis XIV. The oyster tones are creamy and warm and the ruched effect in silk is tactile and inviting. Complementary throws with the same opulent ruching and a myriad of cushions with bows and ruffles, make this one of the most stylish and richly decorated bed linen sets available from House of Fraser. It’s very feminine, but it will make everyone, man or woman, want to jump into bed, literally.