Pets carry great importance in the families they belong. They are not only man’s best friends but also protectors and probably, great therapists for healing the soul as well. Any pet lover would testify how just by their wonderful presence, cats and dogs offer unconditional loyalty. They help people going through isolated depression to get across self-betrayal tendencies such as suicide, irritability, anxiousness, and phobias. Although pet owners are already aware of this blessing, yet many people may not be able to appreciate this pure bond between man and animal. The pet owner has to face problems such as finding the doors closed for the pet at a rental property. This can pose to be a highly inconvenient situation, but you can always find the best solutions online.


Legal protection

The law is there to protect the rights of pets. You may not be aware of an obscure 1988 Act called Fair Housing Amendments. However, it is a milestone provision in helping tenants in distress with their pets. Essentially, it recognizes the therapeutic value of emotional support offered unconditionally by a pet. Thereby, property owners are obliged with the circumstances of the pet owner if you can furnish a valid emotional support animal letter. The Air Access Careers Act also recognizes the validity of ESA certificate in allowing pets on board. However, this certificate is not the same as service animal licenses. The service animal license allows for a broader scope of appreciation of the assistance rendered by a pet. It is an intertwining area because emotional support pets can work as service animals as well. You can register at the National Service Animals registry.

Eligibility criteria

The owner should be suffering from an acknowledged emotional condition specified in the manual of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM- IV/ V). The comprehensive list includes acute conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, various kinds of phobias, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and even suicidal tendencies. However, if you are having self-damaging thoughts that are going out of control, there might be a professional inspection to ascertain the safety of your pet. The owner should also be responsible for preventing any damage to the property by the pet. You would need to fill the details at an online application form after required payment. In case, you are ineligible for the certificate, a good service always allows eligibility for a refund.

The landlord can deny permission on a few specified grounds only. A registered therapist provides the emotional support animal letter on a dated official letterhead. It mentions your emotional distress and validates the therapeutic value of having the pet as an emotional companion. However, this certificate would not entitle you to take the pet to a private facility or a public institution with the no-pet policy. Your property owner can deny permission if the rental complex has four living units and he is residing at one of them. Except for these specific situations, the certificate has been so far helpful as to enable tenants to overturn an eviction notice on unreasonable grounds.