Wait, where the heck did June go? I swear it was just Mother’s Day, then Father’s Day snuck up on me, and now my father’s birthday (today) caught me too! June was a financial challenge within itself, and I’m hoping to not go through it again in July. July is supposed to be fun! There’s Independence Day, my mom’s birthday, and it’ll mark one year since hubby and I have been living under the same roof. A year sure did go by fast, and my how a lot has changed. Financially, I want July to be a success.

I went back to adding my credit due dates on my Google calendar, and set up e-mail reminders 3 days ahead of time. This helped me budget in the past, and ensure nothing was late. I know how much I need and when I need it by. I also scheduled when my unemployment checks will be coming in to make sure I have enough to cover it.

One thing I would love to do in July is the No Spend Challenge. Girl with the Red Balloon inspired this, when she had a year without frivolous spending, which I was awe inspired about! I want to do something similar. I don’t want to spend money, although I know I have to. If it’s not in my budget (bills, groceries, gas), then I don’t want to buy anything. David from My Two Dollars went a weekend without spending, and Christine from MoneyFunk went a week without spending. Can I go a month?

I think it’s possible. There’s nothing I have my eye on in regards to wanting anything. I recently splurged on the Only72 sale, and that’s all I wanted. As far as needs, obviously, that doesn’t count. I need to pay bills, and I have a doctor’s appointment I’ll need to pay a $15 copay for. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that nothing comes up in July like they did in June (paying 2 tickets really set us back this month).

Another challenge I want to complete is Use It Up, from Penny at The Saved Quarter. I think everyone buys things before using the previous amount, and I’m guilty of that. I won’t be buying anything additional until I run out. Toiletries, food, nothing. I don’t think that’ll be hard at all, but I’ll definitely have to keep watch on toilet paper and dog food. Those are 2 things that shouldn’t run out without proper notice.

The next challenge: I want to save. My savings account is depleted. There’s a lousy $3 in it; how embarrassing. I know it’s not much, but I want to save $100 in July. It’s hard to save money when you don’t have much in the first place, and the little you have has a designation. I’m going to work hard to deposit $100 into a savings account.

Last, but not least, get financially organized. I need to re-do our household budget, and even come up with a strategy. I have a SmartyPig and PerkStreet account, both of which I’m not using anymore. I need to reconsider if I should include them in my financial plan, and if so, how to do it so that I’m earning money (or perks). This will be extremely important.

So what do you think? Are these feasible? What are your July financial challenges?

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