Yesterday I received my biweekly unemployment check as usual. I opened it up, signed the back, put it in my purse, and threw the rest of the things away, as I file my biweekly claims online. Today I went to deposit the check in the bank. When the ATM showed half of the balance I usually deposit, I panicked. I clicked “view check” and there it was, the same amount it was showing before. How could that happen?

I admit, I didn’t even look at my check. I turned it over, signed it, and threw the receipt away without looking at it. How stupid could I get? I’ve never done that before. I guess it had become such a routine, I wouldn’t expect anything else to be wrong. I immediately called my mom praying she didn’t take the trash out. Thank God she didn’t; the receipt was still in the trash. She read the top; the first week’s pay was normal. She read the second week’s pay. $7. WHAT?! For a week? There’s got to be a mistake, especially without an explanation. She gave me the numbers on the paper for reference.

So I called the automated system, waiting anxiously to speak to a human representative. Come to find out, so many people were calling, the system prompted me to call back later. How frustrating. I don’t know if it was human error (whether mine for filling the form out incorrectly online or a worker’s mistake) or computer error, but $7 is alarming. I’m not being ungrateful so I hope none of my readers see it as that. I just want to know if this is not an error why this happened.

This goes to show that keeping receipts is something that’s absolutely important. Thankfully my mom didn’t take the trash out, otherwise I may have been just insanely clueless. I am usually a receipt hoarder; I keep receipts for up to 6 months, even when most return policies are within 30 days. Who knows why I acted out of the ordinary yesterday, but my carelessness may have cost me.

Have you ever got rid of a receipt that you later needed? What was it for? Were you able to solve the problem?

By the way, I may have the most ridiculous sense of humor but the Whitney Houston gif was not only appropriate but one of the most hilarious gifs ever IMHO.

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