Shocking title, right? Well, it’s not the truth, but let my grandma tell it. My mom informed me yesterday that my grandma has expressed to her that she thinks I love Frankie more than I love Tej. How in the world did she come to this conclusion? She didn’t have an answer for my mom, and of course she doesn’t have an answer for me. I was baffled, in shock, and just had to laugh because I didn’t know how else to react.

You guys are no strangers to the problems we’ve been going through when it comes to Frankie. From him not being welcomed at my in-laws, to him almost not being welcomed at my grandparents, and me taking responsibility for him. We enrolled him in training at Petco, and he’s learning some good obedience and behavior. I take him to doggy daycare from time to time, either when I need a break or to stay overnight when I spend the night with hubby. He’s getting better at getting along with Muffin (my 9 year old Pomeranian, pictured above with Frankie). Sometimes he sleeps in the bed with me, or takes a nap with me on my Snuggie. Until I teach him how to walk on a leash without pulling, we’ve reduced the amount of walks we go on. Do I love my dog? Of course. That’s why it’s been such a hard adjustment regarding the move. But do I love him more than my husband? I’d have to say hell no.

My grandma seems to think that I’m going to let Frankie come between my marriage. When I first got him, I did feel like he was interfering with my marriage, but that’s when he was a puppy and it was an adjustment period and it came and passed. Did it conquer our marriage? Absolutely not. And this situation is no different. My hands are tied as far as bringing him to my in-laws, but I found a solution: boarding him. It’s an expensive solution, and at times pretty inconvenient, but it’s working. But I don’t see how my grandma thinks that the things I’m doing for Frankie shows that I love him more than the man I married.

Frankie is a part of my family, period. He’s almost like my child. Of course I love him. But when it boils down to it, Frankie is a dog. If I was forced to choose between my dog and my husband, I would not hesitate to choose my husband. It’s a no brainer. Although I’ve had a hard time finding another home for him, I’m sure if it really came down to a mandatory decision, I would do whatever it takes to find Frankie the best home. But I’ve brought this up to my grandparents, and they insisted that Frankie was welcome to stay. I’m very capable of showing my husband love and my dog love without one feeling slighted. Neither one of them has complained, so why does my grandma insist that this is true?

This is just added to the numerous negative things she already says. A couple of weeks ago, she insisted that if I couldn’t get a handle on Frankie, I wouldn’t succeed as a mother, which brought me to question if raising kids is easier than training a dog. I love my grandma, but her negativity is really disheartening. It’s an additional motivation to try to move out of their home as soon as possible.

What’s your opinion? From what you’ve read, do you think I love Frankie more than my husband? How would you react to such claims from a family member? (The picture above is of Frankie and Muffin)