Since the 2009 recession, the demand on coupon codes increased drastically. This infographic only shows that the economy’s downfall makes people of the United States realize that it is hard to survive when money is tight. This is where coupon codes were used by many. It focuses on household’s commodities. Online shops offered small to big discounts with the use of this coupon codes.

The infographic is focusing on how great deals you can actually get with online coupons. By using bold figures in what you can actually save in total of purchases around your home, you can get up to thousands of dollars earnings. This is a huge amount and can be used with other needs or leisure. Among the users of this coupon codes, the highest percentage is coming from families with more members. This is an advantage on their part. This is giving them the idea of not having to compromise the quality of their home because they can get a quality one from well-known online shops.

This infographic is provided by CouponAudit.

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