When you’re in a relationship (dating, engaged, or married), sometimes you find yourself joined to the hip of your significant other. Former friends have become just that because they felt like I was constantly with hubby (then bf). In 2012, one of my goals is to improve my social life, and I’m sure many of you out there want to do the same. I mean, let’s face it. Having our social life strictly defined by our lover can be, well, boring. We have to find multiple ways to have fun. Here’s a few ideas:

Start With Friends You Have

Group of Friends

Many of us already have¬†friends or people we can talk to and hang out with. We just distance ourselves. How many times have you turned down opportunities to go out and have fun? You may think “well no one asks me out anymore”. Probably because you’ve said “no” so many times, they figure why bother (true story for me). This year, you should take the initiative to reach out to the numbers in your contact list and ask them¬†out for coffee, lunch, or activities you guys used to do.

Join a Few Meetups


Meetup is such a simple concept, but it’s successful because it works. The digital age has distanced us, and has led many of our relationships to be online. Meetup brings us back to the “old days” where we actually see each other face to face. There’s so many different Meetups you can choose from. You can find them by interest or location. If you’re into personal finance and in the SoCal area, you should join my group, FinCon Local – Los Angeles.

Network for Business


Social life doesn’t have to be all fun and games. If you start networking for your career, you’d be surprised how much fun it would be. Some of the best times I had in 2011 were spent networking. Going to FinCon, meeting awesome people in Twitter chats, and being stuck in a car on a road trip to Austin with 3 girls I hadn’t known for more than 1 month. There’s networking events going on all the time. Check with your local chamber of commerce and also look on Meetup.

Increase Your Family Time

Family Night

Friends are great, but family is even better. Some of my best moments and memories were spent with my family. If you have siblings or cousins, or even enjoy the company of your parents, aunts, and uncles, you should increase your time with them. Family game night, family movie night, and having family dinners can improve your social life. It’s not as lame as you think. My best friend is my mom, and we have a blast with each other. I love being around when my grandparents are talking. My little sister and I love watching movies together. Sporting events are hilarious when I watch them with my in-laws. Call up the crazy people you hate to love and have a ball.

How do you plan on improving your social life in 2012?