I am so ridiculously happy for power couple Beyonce & Jay-Z. Over the weekend, the couple welcomed their first child into the world: Blue Ivy Carter. There were false reports at year’s end that the baby made her debut, naming her Tiana Mae Carter, but Twitter was abuzz with “it’s a girl” references from close friends of the couple, including Dream Hampton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and”Auntie Rhi”. As a self proclaimed Stan of both artists, I’m quite the happy fan.

UPDATE: Jay-Z just stole my heart and made a song called Glory featuring Blue herself. I am in tears. Listen here.

Beyonce barely slowed down in her during her pregnancy. She continued to perform, make appearances, and walk in her Louboutins with a growing belly. She recorded videos such as Countdown, concealing her belly as best as she could, and kept us in the dark the first 5 months of her pregnancy. I’m willing to bet Bey had some amazing prenatal care and stayed healthy throughout her pregnancy. So how can you do the same? What does it take to have a healthy pregnancy?

  • Keep all your prenatal appointments: Babies grow inside of you mommies, and anything can happen in your tummy. You should make it a point to keep all of your prenatal appointments. It’s always nice to get your sonogram and share them with your friends and family (I’ve seen a lot on my Facebook newsfeed), but your doctor will be checking your baby’s heart beat, rate of growth, and eventually you can find out if it’s a boy or girl! My parents didn’t find out what I was until I got here, and everyone was surprised (read: disappointed) that I was a girl haha.
  • Stay active: I’ve heard a lot of moms say that pregnancy didn’t slow them down, including Beyonce. Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean excessive weight gain and eating for 2 or more. There are so many expecting mommy fitness classes. At my old yoga studio, there was a regular pregnancy yoga class, and I’m sure you can find walking groups, some low impact cardio, and strengthening exercises. Obviously, you should consult your doctor before any exercise program, but especially when you’re having a baby. Don’t go too far and if your doctor says slow it down or stop, do so.
  • Prenatal vitamins: There are plenty of people who take these vitamins without even being pregnant, but they can certainly help mommies-to-be. Similar to other multivitamin supplements, prenatal vitamins contain a combination of vitamins and minerals to help mommy and baby stay healthy. You can usually find more folic acid, calcium, and iron than in typical supplements. Again, consult your doctor before choosing prenatal vitamins. You may have to choose a brand that’s doctor prescribed rather than over the counter.
  • Balanced diet: I’ve been eating pickles and ice cream since I was in elementary school, way before thinking about having babies. However, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a particularly balanced diet. While you will experience odd cravings (my mom said she had to have Taco Bell and lemonade every day), you should focus on a balanced diet when you’re with child. You’ll want a diet high in fiber, rich in the vitamins and nutrients you’ll be looking for in your prenatal vitamins such as calcium (dairy), vitamin A (veggies), and vitamin C (fruits). Will you want greasy food? More than likely! But try to eat the best foods for your baby.
  • Choose a birth plan: Hubby and my mom (as well as my mother-in-law) have been making fun of me because I’ve been highly considering having a home or water-birth. They can tease me all they want; it’ll be my birth plan. I’ve been looking into natural births after watching a few documentaries, and I certainly think it’s worth a try! Your birth plan is something that’s up to you, and your spouse. Vaginal birth or C-section? Epidural or drug-free? Induced or wait until your water breaks? Hospital or at home? Talk options with your doctor and your husband.

Any parents out there? How did you keep your pregnancy healthy? That ultrasound picture is of my cousin Travis. He’s now 3 years old and very busy.