These days, the people are few and far between who can afford to jet off on fabulous honeymoons without worrying about the cost. Most of us count our pennies just to make the wedding possible; a great honeymoon can seem completely out of reach.

But it doesn’t have to be. Read on for ways to make a fabulous honeymoon possible on a shoestring budget.

Set Up Priorities

What do you and your fiancée want for your honeymoon? Is being at the beach a top priority, or is booking a romantic hotel at the top of your list? Make sure you have your priorities straightened out before you start making decisions so you can allocate your budget wisely.

Keep it Local

Staying closer to home will save on travel costs, whether you’re driving or flying, so look into destinations that are within a few hours of you. Chances are you can find something that you and your fiancée will love, whether it’s a gorgeous hotel in a nearby city or a romantic, secluded cottage in a state park.

Hunt for Deals and Packages

Get online at Consumers for reviews, and look into any deals you can score by booking two or more things at once, like pairing your flight and hotel, or hotel room and activities. Just make sure you price compare carefully, and that you actually want to participate in everything included in an activity package.

Don’t Overspend

This goes for the wedding as well as the honeymoon. If you are genuinely tight on money, make sure you’re not pressing yourself to the financial brink for the sake of an idyllic trip. You won’t enjoy your honeymoon if you know you can’t make your rent, phone bill, or life insurance Australia payment when you get home.

Consider a Travel Agent

Travel agents can help you get the most out of your money by knowing about sales, times to book, discounts, and last-minute deals. They can also help you book a package deal even cheaper due to the high volume of their business.

Tell Everyone You’re On Your Honeymoon

Don’t be shy about mentioning that you are planning or are on your honeymoon. Businesses may sweeten your deal or your stay with freebies like champagne or room service, better tables in restaurants, or an upgrade to a better hotel room. People want to make your experience special, but they can’t do that if they have no idea it’s your honeymoon.

Book a Suite With a Kitchen

Consider booking a room or cottage with a kitchen so you can save by cooking some meals in your rental. That can either be money saved in your pocket or you can use it to let you eat out more extravagantly at dinner or pick up midnight room service.

Don’t Take the First Quote

Anytime you have a chance to negotiate, do so. Ask if a better rate is available, or what you would have to do to get a better rate. Could you check in or out on a different day to get a lower rate at the hotel, for example? Make it clear that you want to save money, because the squeaky wheel gets the savings.

Consider a Honeymoon Registry

Discuss with your fiancée whether a honeymoon registry might be right for you. If you have no possessions to set up house with, you may want to go with a traditional registry at a department store. But if you have few material needs to set up your home, a honeymoon registry can let your guests contribute directly to your trip. They can even sponsor specific activities, like massages or dinners.

If you are looking at a honeymoon that is something less than what you’d originally dreamed of, just remember: this is the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. You have many wonderful years ahead of you to plan, dream, and build your life and finances together. You have your entire future to look forward to, and that is more important than any one trip.