Let me describe a scenario for you: you left for work this morning and your house was in absolute shambles. Dirty dishes in the sink, dirty clothes overflowing in the hamper, toys everywhere, beds unmade, and papers everywhere. As you’re on your way home, you’re stressed about not only the cleaning you have to do but the dinner you have to make. You make it home, and it’s nothing like you left it. The beds are made, the laundry is folded, the dishes are spotless, and is that dinner you smell? Your spouse has taken care of everything. How can you repay them? I can think of a few ways and I’m sure they can too.

Married couples complain about two things (not just these two, but these are a huge complaint): lack of sex and lack of help with housework. Usually men complain about the former and women complain about the latter, but it can always change. Who knew that housework could become the ultimate foreplay? In the video above, the wife is saying something that many wives are probably thinking: help out around the house, and your reward can be an intimate evening. We get overwhelmed, when we have to clean up behind everyone in the house, cook for everyone in the house, then when the time comes for evening activities, we’re way too exhausted to think about anything but sleep.

Men may think what turns us on is a back massage, a foot rub, lit candles, and warm bubble baths. Sure, that can be very romantic and sweet. But one of the simplest things you can do is to help out around the house. I love when my husband does the dishes. He gets many kisses when he cooks dinner. Vacuuming and taking care of Frankie? Where’s my lingerie? I’m only half way joking (although I probably would search for my lingerie if he did my laundry and not just his), but a little help can go a long way.

Ladies, would you be turned on if your husband helped out around the house more? Men, are you taking the trash out and loading that dish washer yet?