On this day 21 years ago, my husband was born. A complete surprise to his parents, he made his debut as the baby in his family. The man I wake up to (almost) everyday is officially a grown and legal man. How crazy is that! If you would’ve asked me 4 years ago if I would’ve thought I’d be celebrating this day with his last name and in the same house as him, I’d ask you what kind of drugs you were on and advise you never to take them again. And yet, here we are!

I am so incredibly proud of the man that I married. He is such an amazing person, and I’m not just saying that. Sure, there are days when the first thing I want to do is strangle him, cut him off at every sentence, and banish him to his “blaze cave” (man cave), but there are days such as these where all I want to do is love him! I want to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him and tickle him and whisper mushy things in his ear so he can tell me to go away haha. How awesome is it to marry your absolute best friend?

Today is also our 4 monthiversary of marriage (remember when the months counted back in high school?) No talks of annulment or divorce yet haha. One of my blogger friends, Jocelyn from Science of Marriage Blog runs a regular series called 365 Reasons I Married My Husband. While I’m sure I can come up with 365 reasons why I love this man, I’ll give you 21 reasons. Not necessarily the top 21 but just a random 21:

  1. He’s truly my best friend: When things happen to me in life, whether it’s at school, at work, or just out and about, the first thing I want to do is tell my best friend. My best friend has always been my mom, and it is also my husband. He knows just about everything that goes on in my world on a daily basis because I can’t hold it in.
  2. He makes me laugh until I cry: This is a feat accomplished by very few, and even fewer people I know in real life. My husband is so absolutely hilarious. He has brought me to tears numerous times by making me laugh. It’s one of the best feelings ever.
  3. He buys me Brisk: I have a lemonade obsession. I think it’s from when my mom was pregnant with me, all she would drink is lemonade. Hubby knows this and without asking, he buys me a 1 liter bottle of Brisk lemonade. While it’s not necessarily my favorite lemonade of all time, it has quickly moved up the ranks because he buys it for me randomly. Whenever he does this, if I’m mad at him I instantly forgive him (don’t try this too many times boo). For someone to remember an odd detail like this and surprise me, he’s a man after my own heart.
  4. We love the same music: I’m a humongous Jay-Z fanatic and before that, I was a huge Tupac fanatic. We both are on the same page with this. I love listening to their music with him and seeing who knows more words. It becomes like a competition. We experienced our first Jay-Z concert together and it was such an amazing moment to see our favorite rapper on stage.
  5. He’s my protector: My husband does not play. If you’re messing with me, you will most certainly hear from him. It could be anyone and I mean anyone. Even if Frankie starts to play rough with me, he’s quick to get him out of my way. If it’s an out of hand client, he offers to give them a piece of his mind (which I try not to have him do, but it’s the thought that counts).
  6. He loves me, all of me: It’s no secret that I’ve gained some weight. Since I met him, I have put on *looks around* almost 70 pounds! Mind you, I was a stick figure when we met, junior year of high school, 135 pounds. I am super self conscious of this, but he doesn’t make fun of it. He always tells me he loves all of me, and that means so much to me!
  7. He’s an only child with siblings: I’m convinced my husband and I are a rare breed. We’re only children with siblings. Yes, we have siblings (lots of them to be exact) but we also know how it feels to be an only child as well. We can be selfish and we know how to share as well. I’m glad someone understands this about me.
  8. He can cook: When I tell you the Lord blessed me with a husband that can cook, it’s still not enough credit. I am so thankful that my husband can cook. Not saying I can’t cook or that I don’t like cooking, but he loves cooking. He experiments and does a great job at it. He has this pasta dish I absolutely love and he has perfected catfish as well as carne asada burritos. Yum!
  9. His holding is second to none: There is no better feeling than when my husband holds me at night. I love to spoon and cuddle and it’s like we’re a perfect fit. I melt into his arms.
  10. He lets me sleep: When we were dating, I would come to his house and just crash in his bed, even though he would probably like to spend time with me. For the most part, he lets me sleep. The other day, he let me sleep in 2 hours more than usual. Sleep is important to me and I’m glad he lets me enjoy it.
  11. He always tries to cheer me up: I suffer from depression, and previously had to be medicated for it. My depression can get really bad, and I tend to lash out. My husband will do anything possible to cheer me up, even when I don’t want it. I admit, I can hurt his feelings sometimes but he never stops trying.
  12. He has an awesome family: I love his family, which makes it a lot easier to love him. I have no problem with my in-laws whatsoever. I love them to death. I enjoy visiting them and talking to them. It makes our relationship so much smoother.
  13. He has a bigger, crazier family than me: I have a large, blended family, and things can get crazy, but his is larger and crazier. I tease him often, saying, “I thought I had a crazy family but your family makes me feel so much better”. Not to laugh or prosper from his pain, but it makes me feel normal.
  14. His tattoos: We’re young, so of course we’re into tattoos. I got my first one at the end of junior year, and he came with me. He surpassed me in tattoos. He has two that represent me: The Allure on his left arm (I have Allure on my right ankle) and a B inside of a star on his chest for my initial. Some would think it’s dumb but hey, we’re 20 (and 21). We’re not thinking about divorce.
  15. He introduces me to a lot of things: I admit, I was a rather sheltered child, and there’s a lot of movies I have never seen. He takes liberty in introducing these things to me. Our most recent experience has been Thor, which I thought I would hate but I ended up loving!
  16. He knows me better than I do: Speaking of Thor, I honestly thought I would hate it but he knew I would love it, just like he knew I would love Iron Man and other things. The other day I was going to ask him for pickles and a Cactus Cooler (it was one of those craving days) and before I could ask or get up to get it myself, he was bringing it to me! I was almost brought to tears.
  17. He chose me: As teenagers, of course you try to date other people and don’t want to be tied down. We had a moment where we had broken up and weren’t together. But he decided that I was the one he wanted to be with. Awww!
  18. My dad likes him: Sound the alarms! My dad likes my husband! Now this is huge seeing as how my dad is a cop…with a gun…from the gang ridden streets of Compton…with 3 daughters. Yeah, it’s not easy to gain his trust, but my dad trusts and likes my husband. They can talk about sports for hours and I just shake my head.
  19. He’s just like my dad: I didn’t intentionally seek this, but man have I found my dad haha. My husband does and says things just like my dad and it’s almost scary! But I guess all girls look for that subconsciously.
  20. He’s a nerd: Nobody should have a complete bad boy, and I don’t. The roughness may fool you, but my guy is a nerd through and through. He loves video games and is a Star Wars freak (he made me sit through all 6 movies, and since it’s coming out on BluRay I have to sit through it again).
  21. He hasn’t gotten sick of me yet: I am pretty easy going for the most part, but dealing with me for over 4 years, I’m sure I have been really difficult to deal with. He’s even admitted it to me. But he hasn’t gotten sick of me yet, since I’m still here!
This post is way longer than I anticipated, but I just couldn’t contain the love I have for this guy. I am so thankful to have him not only in my life, not only as my best friend, not just my roommate, not even just my husband, but my soulmate (cue sappy music here). I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather spend the rest of my days with, taking over the world and whatever else is in our plans. Babe, I know I’m making you read this right now while we’re driving to Sin City (woohoo!) and I just want you to know you’re the best. I love you so much and I hope you have a great birthday.