How many bridesmaids are you having at your wedding? Trying to please everyone simply won’t work, you have to make some choices and unfortunately there are going to be the odd few peeved ladies out there that didn’t make the cut. But you can’t very well have all your best friends and closest female family members as your bridesmaids.

Being a bridesmaid is a special role that requires responsibility. You need someone that’s reliable and trustworthy and more than just a little bit special. This honor does come with its fair share of expenses for the bridesmaids; they have to pay for their own dresses and shoes, hair and makeup, so it is common these days that they get something in return from the bride. But what should you get them? Should each of the bridesmaids get something personalized, or should you buy them all the same item? Plus, seeing as you’ve got to pay for a wedding and all the trimmings, how do you buy something special that doesn’t cost a fortune?

House of Fraser has devoted one whole section of its website to gift ideas for her, where you can find plenty of inspiration no matter what your budget. Here are a two of our favorite picks.

Bracelet and Charms

Charm bracelets are lifelong friends. Each charm you collect symbolises a special moment, occasion or person. Giving your bridesmaids a simple bracelet such as the Pandora Sterling Silver Threaded Bracelet and personalized charm is a great way to deal with the question of whether you give all the bridesmaids the same gift or not.

Pandora Sterling Silver Threaded Bracelet

Pandora Sterling Silver Threaded Bracelet

Pandora has a range of different charms to go with their bracelets, from butterflies to stars, so you should be able to find something to suit each of your bridesmaids. They can wear these beautiful bracelets on your big day too, so there’s the jewelry sorted.

Signature perfume

We imagine that you know these ladies pretty well, seeing as you’ve asked them to be your bridesmaids, therefore you should know which fragrance suits them best. Obviously each bridesmaid gets a perfume, so in a way they are getting the same, but each fragrance will be different, making them feel special. From heady and heavy scents to light and floral, there is a fragrance for everyone, plus you’ll have the fun of explaining why you matched each bridesmaid with their fragrance.